Privacy Policy Update Notice

Summary of Changes

Here at Plex, we are committed to continually improving our user experience. In anticipation of some upcoming features and services, we want to inform you of changes to our privacy policy, which will go into effect on September 26th, 2017.

We’ve provided a summary of changes along with the updated Privacy Policy for additional clarity and transparency. We hope this makes our policy easier to read and understand.

First, what isn’t changing:

  • We have and will always respect and take your privacy seriously. We are all Plex users; so protecting your privacy is protecting our privacy.
  • Before you grab your pitchfork and head to Reddit, we do NOT know what files you have stored or what you watch on your privately hosted Plex Media Servers. The only exception to this is when, and only to the extent, you use Plex with third-party services such as Sonos, Alexa, webhooks, and Do not panic.

Highlights of what is changing:

  • Upcoming features and services involving third-party and ad-supported content will require Plex to collect and, in some cases, share information about the third-party content you are streaming. For clarity, third-party content is content that we deliver or stream to you that is not contained in your personal media library.
  • Please click here for an update on some additional changes to the Privacy Policy in response to feedback from our community.
  • Finally, we’ve made updates and clarifications to a number of sections and definitions throughout, including the addition of clarifying examples, in response to questions from our community over the last few months.

We encourage you to read the full, updated Privacy Policy.