Our team

Many of us joined after already being members of the Plex community—a community very near and dear to our hearts. Some of us are movie buffs. Some are news junkies. Some are addicted to podcasts. Some are passionate about music and some are budding photographers. The one thing we all share is that we love our media, and we love the ubiquity afforded by the product we get to work on! And we really love that the constantly evolving landscape of mobile and connected devices gives us the opportunity to improve the way you consume your media, making it easier than ever to discover, enjoy, and share all of your media on all of your devices.

Adam Livesley
Swims in the Deep End
Adriana Saroz
Content Junkie
Alex Stevenson-Price
Lead Emoji Engineer
Andrea Rossi

Andy Cook
Site Reliability Engineer
Ariel Hernández Amador

Ben George

Ben Heller
One-Man Band
Brian Hunziker
Chief Mustache Officer
Bruno Carreço
I'll Make it Work
Camelia Roman
Good News Everyone!
Celestine Robinson
Canuck Quality Artisan
Charles Angelis
Shinobi Master
Chris Allen
Literally in the Future
Chris Curtis
Support Sherpa
Chris Fredrickson
0 - 60 PRs in under 5 seconds
Christopher Hoage
Javascript Wrangler
Christopher Richards

Cory Lam
Ticket Master North of the Wall
Craig Hill
Pixels from Down Under
David Bryden

David Holtzman
Dave from Accounting
David Schultz
Reader of the User Tea Leaves
David Williams

Dean Mayer
The Bulldog of Benjamins
Dom Crayford
Master Weaver of the JavaScript
Dorothy Chen

Duncan Beevers
Web Witch
Elan Feingold
The Sheriff
Emilio Trench
Radar's Human
Emily Bersin

Eric Matthys
Don't Call it a Frisbee
Eric Powelson

Graham Booker
Greta E Schlender
Copy Guru
Hugo Sousa
Shh... No Tears
Ian Bird
Scotland is Not a Wasteland
James Clarke
Aristotle of Apple
Jason Mercer

Jason Williams
Jen McKeon
Daydreams in Digital
Jerry Vasquez
Paint by Pixels
Jesús Manzano Camino
Living La Vida Droid
John Clayton

John Zolezzi

Julie Gauthier

Justin Vanderhooft
Elroy Jetson All Grown Up
Keith Sherry
Could Land Software on an Asteroid
Keith Valory
El Jefe
Luis Herrero
Anything but Blur
Madalina Grecu

Manuel Peinado
I Java Dream
Marcin Ciura
Data Taming Engineer
Marek Szulik

Mark McDowall
In the Penalty Box for Boarding with JavaScript
Matt Seeley
Already Knows HTML7
Matthieu Serrepuy

Megan MacDonald

Michael Weir
Has His Own Style Sheet
Michal Salasa
Machine Learning Engineer
Miguel Clara

Mike McCurdy
User Beard Experience
Mohammed Moussa
Sleep is for the Weak
Muhammad Arafat

Nicholas Randhawa
The Mobile Whisperer
Paulo Coelho Alves
Dedicated Follower of Frameworks
Ricardo Castro
Product Manager
Rick Phillips

Rob Reed
Ribeye With a Side of Ribeye
Rodger Combs
Doogie Howser of Transcoders
Sam Henwood
The Nomad Coder
Schuyler Ullman
The Nomad
Scott Hancock
Purveyor of Plex
Scott Olechowski
The Oracle
Scott Weston

Sergio Padrino
Plex Polymath
Shawn Eldridge
Can Talk You Out of Both Kidneys
Steve Lee
The QA Terminator
Steve Simmons
Robin Hood
Tamás Szelei

Teddy Martin

Tiago Bastos Da Silva
Mars Rover
Tim van der Westhuizen
Coding from Cape Town
Tobias Hieta
Great Beard, Better Developer
Valentin Agachi

Willson Haw

Yurij Mikhalevich
Deep Thoughts by the Black Sea

What we value most


Always being kind to each other, no matter what



Being humble about who we are and what we accomplish


Looking for opportunities to drop everything and help


Caring deeply about our mission, team, and customers



Remembering our social and global responsiblity as a team

The investors

We appreciate all of the support we get from our world-class group of investors, led by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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