Plex Labs

Passion Projects

  • Built with Love, Right at Home on your Desktop

    Global media key support, a high-quality audio path, and a permanent home in your tray.

  • Gapless Playback

    No more buzz kill when listening to live albums. Seamlessly transition between tracks on an album.

  • Visualizers

    Beautiful animations for music, with key colors extracted from album art.

  • Loudness Leveling & Smart Transitions

    Stop reaching for the volume knob. Loudness is normalized and smart transition points are computed between tracks, ensuring optimal listening flow.

  • SoundPrints & Waveform Seeking

    Enjoy beautiful graphical views of songs, and seek easily to specific places in a song.

  • Library & Artist Radio

    Explore your library in new ways with Library Radio, Time Travel Radio, and Artist Radio.

Community Software

Where would we be without love for and from our community? Third-Party Software showcases feature-rich plugins and apps that elevate your Plex experience. While they are unsupported, they’re well-loved and we’ve handpicked some of the most popular Plex community projects to share with you.