Our Culture

Our Vision

To empower real human connection by bringing people and entertainment together.

Our Mission

To create a global community for streaming content that people can depend on to easily discover, experience, and share all of the entertainment that matters to them.

This is more than just a job to us.

We are all passionate about our company and the products that we are building. This passion gives us an amazing combination of energy, courage, and determination—no boundaries and no fear.

Our company culture is the foundation that drives us and guides us towards our vision. Though our company may evolve, change, and grow over time, we are committed to these values and will protect them as we grow. Every single Plex employee shares the responsibility of safeguarding and supporting the heart of who we are—our culture.

The Plex Values

Be kind, humble & helpful.

1. Be kind, humble, and helpful.

The best measure of the health of any organization is how kind and helpful its people are to each other. Being kind and helpful to each other, our customers, and our partners is a competitive advantage!

Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and always keep an eye out for others that need your help. And, never throw problems “over the wall” and expect someone else to handle it.

We are a kind, humble, and respectful group of people distributed across many countries, cultures, and timezones. Let’s be sensitive to our teammates and everyone we interact with. Remember, we’re all in this together. And don’t forget to use your emoji 😊

View challenges with creativity & flexibility.

2. Approach problems with curiosity, creativity, and flexibility.

Our creative problem solving and ability to stay nimble are also core competitive advantages. They are a big part of what makes Plex special, and have helped us to achieve things that larger organizations only dream of.

So we strive to continuously improve our development processes, time-box our decisions, and set ambitious goals for ourselves. We reflect on and learn from things we’ve done in the past and iterate on them as we go. We foster an environment of experimentation, letting data be our guide, while avoiding being dogmatic. While we test things and tweak them as we go, we also watch for signals that indicate it’s time to stop or move on.

We recognize that we compete in a very dynamic space. We are doing the work of a team 10x the size of ours trying to conquer the universe, so flexibility and fluidity are key!

Put yourself on the customer's couch.

3. Put yourself on the customer's couch.

Plex started as a passion project out of our founders’ desire for an easy way to stream media from their computers to connected devices. And as it turned out, there were millions of people wanting to solve the same problem. That’s when the Plex community was born!

Our history is important and reminds us that we are a company built for users by users. Plex was raised up on the shoulders of passionate customers and they are always at the forefront in the decisions we make. As we continue to grow, we will remain true to all of our customers, to those who have been with us forever and those who are yet to come.

We do this by listening, engaging, and being responsive to our community, whether in design, development, marketing, or support. In fact, we think of ourselves as a user experience company! We prioritize quality, performance, ratings, and ease-of-use. And we know that no one single department at Plex “owns” the customer—it’s the responsibility of every person and team at Plex to constantly put themselves on the customer’s couch and work to build, support, and advocate for our community.

Be a good steward and own it.

4. Be a good steward. Like a boss!

We are all owners of Plex. Don’t be afraid to speak up if you think there is something we, as a company, can be doing better, if you have a product idea, or anything you believe can help further our mission.

We are all working together to grow a healthy and sustainable business and to help Plex win in the marketplace. Each one of us is also a steward of Plex’s resources, assets, code, and other intellectual property. So take extra care to preserve and protect it.

One of the things that helped define Plex in the early days was how much we did with so little. No money, few people, more competition. Every decision was focused on how to do smarter things faster. We must keep that edge as we grow. Let’s not forget our roots!

Build relationships to ensure healthy debate.

5. Build relationships to ensure healthy debate.

In a fast-paced environment, we have to make decisions quickly and then get on with it! Good decisions require healthy, open, and honest debate. To do this we follow a few simple rules:

  • Trust that your teammates are coming from a good place.
  • You have an obligation to speak up, but don’t forget to listen. And then listen some more.
  • Respect other people’s positions and opinions; don’t make it personal.
  • Commit 100% to the final decision even if you disagree; don’t undermine it.

The key to healthy debate is doing the work ahead of time to actively build relationships and connections with your co-workers. This breeds trust, respect, and empathy. Remember that these are some of the most important characteristics of high functioning teams. And once you lose them, they are hard to get back. So treat them like gold!

Foster a global and diverse team spirit.

6. Foster a global and diverse team spirit.

We are a group of media nerds from all around the world!

We welcome and encourage diversity in thoughts, opinions, and backgrounds, and we celebrate what makes each of us unique. The more diverse and inclusive we are, the bigger positive impact we will have. And people don’t or shouldn’t have to “turn off” their individuality on the job. We want our employees to be able to bring their authentic self to Plex. Quirky? Geeky? Vivacious? Quiet? Bring it. All are welcome.

Working in a distributed organization also allows us to always hire the best person for the job, no matter where they are. We believe it also helps us build better user experiences that are more sensitive to many different cultures. And it’s way more fun to work and socialize with people in different countries from different backgrounds every day :-).

Show gratitude and give back.

7. Show gratitude and give back.

We all recognize that we are fortunate to work in an industry and for a company that both provide us with many personal benefits and opportunities. For that we are grateful!

We believe that the opportunities we have been given come with social and global responsibilities to give back where we can. Therefore, as a company, we have committed to donate at least 1% of all of our revenues to charities.

We also believe that this is the least we can do. We’ll look for other ways to give back to our communities as well, and always support employees in their personal efforts to give of their own time and resources.

Seek balance for yourself and Plex.

8. Seek balance for yourself and Plex.

We are constantly trying to find the right balance in our products, our business, our culture, and our lives to ensure Plex succeeds.

While everyone here is passionate about what we are doing, we also need to remember to keep a healthy work-life balance. In the same way we want Plex to scale, we want our employees to “scale” in all areas, too. Because our employees’ happiness, wellness, and peace of mind matter. These things may mean different things to different people. Maybe it’s growth and learning. Maybe it’s going after a new physical goal. Maybe it’s quiet time with family and friends. Maybe it’s binge-watching that show ;). Whatever the right balance is, we support our employees.

Our remote environment allows us to plan our work around our life instead of the other way around. We continuously review and improve “how we work” to be the most efficient and productive remote company we can be. Oh, and we always try to have a little fun along the way. (Okay, maybe a lot of fun!!!)

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