We’ve got an announcement to make.

Our search for a movie theater worthy of the very first Plex Theater of Dreams Grant led us to stories and places that moved and inspired us. All across the US, we found people and communities coming together to keep their local independent cinemas alive.

Among the many deserving theaters, there was one that captured our hearts. The only logical next step was to immediately pack our bags and head to the theater, meet the people who run and support it, and make a film about it. Presenting the first ever Theater of Dreams grant recipient: The Little Art Theatre hailing from the idyllic small town of Yellow Springs, Ohio. Watch till the end. It’s the best part.

Little Art, big heart.

The Little Art is a fiercely independent, single-screen theater that has been around since 1929. From the old-timey ticket booth and the murals that ooze character, to its intimate lobby that is a proven conversation starter, it radiates the kind of warmth that’s lost in modern-day multiplexes. Also, if you were wondering, the answer is yes, get the popcorn.

Cut to the good part.

The stage is now set for Little Art to go ahead with a restoration of its marquee, bringing the theater back to its original glory. Also in the making are plans for Plexians from around the world to visit the theater and lend a hand wherever it may be needed. You can follow the journey right here—keep an eye out for blog updates in 2024. Theater of Dreams, here we come.

From a dream to a grant.

As lovers of cinema and loyalists of independent theaters, this year we instituted a $100,000 grant to lend a helping hand to one deserving local movie theater, and in turn, the community it serves. As an independent company in an industry filled with much larger competitors, we know how it feels to stand on our own, while relentlessly following our vision to spread the magic of entertainment. But beyond it all, we just love going to the movies. And we never want it to stop … for anyone, ever.

Our movie theater memories.

We might be big on streaming, but first and forever, we are fans of our local, independent movie theaters. We sat down with some Plexians to hear about their favorite theater experiences and the stories came pouring out. Check back often as many more of these very personal and incredibly beautiful memories are on the way.

Me and My Dad at the Movies

My Movie Theater Love Story

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