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19 de octubre de 2017

Plexbox One X: The Emplexening

When the Xbox One debuted (almost four years ago!) it brought a few really innovative ideas to the home media world: lovely little clusters of media tailored to your interests, horizontally-scrolling lists as far as the eye could see, and the ability to order a pizza without moving a muscle. Needless to say we were quick to steal adapt some of the more compelling ideas for our own devices. (We even reached out to some of these guys, but they didn’t seem too interested, for some reason…).

A lot has happened since the early days. The Xbox team has been busy with their own redesigned dashboard and a new console, and it turns out we’ve been doing some innovating of our own: we’ve got a brand new, media-centric user interface that reflects our love for gorgeous metadata (posters! artwork!) as well as our passion for media browsing efficiency, and we’re bringing it to the Xbox One! We’ve got some great media discovery features where they make sense, and sensible, efficient grids everywhere else. Alas, we don’t have the ability to order a Meat Lovers’ with Extra Meat, but we think it’s pretty tasty just the same. (And let’s be honest, these days true connoisseurs order their pizza with their voice assistant of choice.) Feast your eyes on the new goodness:

While we were sexying things up, we also threw in a few other improvements under the metaphorical hood:

  • Mixed Photo/Video Libraries
    Now, not only can you view all the unforgettable moments captured in your vacation photos, but you can watch the videos you took during the trip, too. All within the same library!
  • Alexa Compatibility
    Compatibility with Alexa means you can freely lose the remote into the deep abyss of couch cushions with wild abandon; just talk to her, already!
  • Better Subtitle Compatibility
    The app can now display many subtitle formats without using additional server resources. Enjoy faster playback and less whirring!
  • Xbox Gamertags
    Not sure you want everyone to know how long you’ve been playing Goat Simulator? For the internet sleuths in your life, Plex accounts are no longer tied to your Xbox gamertags. There’s no need to link accounts, and you can enjoy your newfound freedom!

This update is free for everyone using Plex on Xbox One, but don’t fret! We’re always working to improve all of our apps. The update will roll out automatically over the next few days, but If you’re too excited to wait, you can search for the “Plex for Xbox One” app in the Microsoft Store to manually install.

He prefers fetch to Call of Duty because of the lack of opposable thumbs and all.

For more information and frequently asked questions, visit Plex Support for Xbox One.

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Plexbox One X: The Emplexening is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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