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September 17, 2023

Plex Pro Week ‘23: Going from Basic to Beast Mode

Looking for some guidance on how to get more giddy-up out of your Plex personal media server? Look no further. Joining us this year on the Pro Panel is tech expert Shannon Morse with a detailed session on how to add some muscle to your server setup. In this video you’ll not only learn how to upgrade your setup, but also useful tips on how to back up your precious media collection in the process.

About Shannon

Shannon Morse is an online content producer who emphasizes security and privacy, and consumer technology. As an entrepreneur, Shannon’s goal is to inspire others to live life to the fullest while not sacrificing their identity, ethics, or privacy. She has reviewed hundreds of consumer tech products and uses her platform to promote diversity in information security and technology sectors, and advocates for women in the industry.


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More Support

Want a deeper dive? We’ve got you covered:
Backing Up Plex Media Server Data
Move an Install to Another System
Running a Plex Media Server on a NAS
NAS Compatibility List
Choosing a CPU for Your Server
Using Hardware-Accelerated Streaming

Need to start from the beginning? Here’s how to get your server up and running:
Intro to Plex
Quick-Start Guide to Server Set-Up
More on Plex Media Server Installation

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