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24 de enero de 2018

Plex is now a (virtual) reality on Daydream

When we caught wind of a little community VR project called “Plevr”, our first reaction was “get off our lawn with your VR goggles and your complicated shoes… media is for flat screens and decent people.” But when we tried it out, we were super impressed! “Huh,” we thought “maybe there’s something to this VR thing after all.” Of course, we’ve got a soft spot for any tech that levels up your Plex experience, but we knew this one was special.

A few things standing in the way of making VR truly accessible to everyone have been the requirement for high-end PC hardware, the need to purchase a fancy, dedicated headset, and the determination to make the two work together that only a true nerd can understand. This is why Google’s Daydream platform is so cool — you take your Android phone, strap it to your face, grab the cute little controller, and you’re off to the (virtual) races. It’s a game-changer for VR, and we were just as fired up about it as Alex, the creator of Plevr, and now the latest member of our amazing community to join us full-time in building great stuff for all of you.

Today we’re incredibly excited to announce Plex VR on Daydream. It’s real, and it’s spectacular. Here’s what you get inside the box:

  • Plex.
  • The ability to watch your Plex Media Server videos with friends, in real time, with voice chat!*
  • The ability to play local videos on your Android device (including 3D and 360/180 video)!
  • A fancy apartment that keeps itself clean, with fully automated, mechanized blinds.
  • A drive-in movie theater. The whole thing. For real.*
  • Various conflict-free potted plants.
  • Bragging rights.
  • A kitten.**

We can’t even start to tell you how cool the real-time co-watching is. But we’ll try. Once you gather up your friends (supports up to 4, including yourself), everyone’s avatars will appear together in the selected scene (the sleek apartment, or the drive-in theater). Head positions are updated in real-time, so you can see what everyone’s looking at, and you can click the remote button to talk to the group. There is a ton of fancy technology behind the scenes, but to anyone using it, it’s just an incredibly engaging and (dare we say?) intimate way to watch videos together, regardless of where in the world everyone is.

Okay, okay, but “TV is always better when we’re together!” you say. Couldn’t agree more. Except we like to put “together” in quotes here, because let’s face it, you’re watching “together” just as much as the guy at the coffee shop who knows your penchant for a double whip nonfat soy latte is your “friend.” It’s the future though, and it’s super convincing, so just go with it.

“Sometimes I just want to watch TV on a big screen” you mutter; well, sure, but what is “big” really? We like to say “occupies a large percentage of your visual field.” You’re welcome.

So at this point we know you want in. Head over to the Google Play store, grab the (separate) Plex VR app, strap your phone to your face like the forward-looking citizen of the future that you are, and get streaming!

* Plex VR is available on all Daydream-ready Android Phones. The option to stream your videos in VR is free for everyone, but you’ll need a Plex Pass subscription to enjoy co-watching as well as the Drive-in scene. However, since we really like you, you’ll be able to test out the “co-watching” feature for a week (for free) when you start using Plex VR. Visit the support article to learn more.

** Kitten not included.

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Lo mejor de Plex

Plex is now a (virtual) reality on Daydream is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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