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May 1, 2020

A second helping of free


Crackle adds thousands of more free movies and TV shows to Plex

Welp, Plexians, you’ve devoured tens and tens of MILLIONS of minutes of Plex Free Movies and TV. You dined on The Terminator, gnawed on Lord of War, and satiated your sweet tooth with Take Me Home Tonight. Every month we’ve been adding new titles and rounding out our offering — expanding the menu as it were. Today, however, we’re basically adding a whole new dining room (apologies for the tortured metaphor, but we’re darn hungry).

You’re the captain now

For our US audiences, today we drop literally thousands of delicious free titles from our latest partner — Crackle, a leading video entertainment provider of TV and videos launched about ten years ago. Crackle brings a diverse selection of titles that enhances the Plex catalog of free movies and TV shows with well-loved titles spanning all genres and featuring today’s hottest stars, including big-screen hits such as Captain Phillips, Patriot Games, The Illusionist, and Failure to Launch. Additionally, you can now binge for free beloved TV series such as Hell’s Kitchen, Snatch, and Roseanne. Open the Movies & TV section of your app to start streaming the sweet, new Crackle titles.

Plex users in the US will now be able to stream more individual movies than you can stream on Netflix — and in case you missed that word a few times it’s f-r-e-e. So grab the latest update for your Plex app and get crackle-ing (sorry, but we couldn’t resist).

The part where we get original(s)

Plex users in the states will also enjoy all the delicious Crackle original content, such as On Point, a basketball docuseries following three high school players as they move toward their goal of an NBA career, and Yelawolf: A Slumerican Life, a reality-tinged journey through the life of Cherokee rapper and artist from Alabama, Yelawolf.

And given that Plex streams to over 200 countries around the world, we’re working on new partnerships to deliver even more free streaming content to all our friends around the world in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for more on that front shortly.

Rubbing elbows with the stars

Okay, this is the part where we tastefully namedrop some big names. Our new Crackle offering will join movies and TV shows from the world’s biggest publishing studios, including Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution, Lionsgate, and Legendary.

We’re gonna need a bigger blog

If you’re like us and you struggle with figuring out what to watch (cue the sweaty flashback to Ye Olde Blockbuster, where you stared at thousands of titles but had no idea what to get), now we have a helpful new side-blog called “The Watch List.” There you’ll find some fun and unreasonably-opinionated posts that dive deep into specific genres, themes, and moods. Basically a clickable, curated list of movies that you can start streaming immediately — exactly what you wish you’d had in your pocket when you were staring at 30 identical copies of The Last Action Hero at Blockbuster. Click on The Watch List icon above and read about “6 Heist Movies To Steal Your Heart” or “5 Actual Laugh-Out-Loud Comedies” or “3 Early Films From Future Hollywood Legends” until the cows come home. The current blog you know and love (or at the very least, are very currently reading) will stay the same as it ever was, and continue to bring you updates on new features and under-the-hood dives into the Plex platform.

We are sweating the deets

While we’re excited to share today’s new cache of free awesome content, rest assured that we’re already hard at work making Plex the premier entertainment platform around the world (we know, dream big!). Keep an eye peeled for new updates in the coming months (shhh… it’s top secret but really cool) that’ll make browsing, discovering, and streaming your movies and shows even more funtastic.

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