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September 17, 2023

Plex Pro Week ‘23: The Great Docker Migration

Ready to go on a journey that starts on Windows and ends on Docker? It’s a journey where Plex’s engineering wiz Kevin tells us all about running his beloved Plex Media Server using Docker’s unique containerization technology—making it not just portable, scalable, and stable but also effortless to manage.

About Kevin

A Director of Engineering at Plex, Kevin has been an avid user and part of the community for over 12 years. He has grown his server solutions from a modest Xbox with XBMC to the point of being the de facto IT go-to for friends and family.

More Support

Need to start from the beginning? Here’s how to get your server up and running:
Intro to Plex
Quick-Start Guide to Server Set-Up
More on Plex Media Server Installation

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