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July 22, 2021

Hubba Bubba — Introducing Custom Collections and Hubs

Howdy folks! We wanted to take a moment to chat about a couple of awesome but maybe not-so-obvious features we’ve added recently for all you media curation junkies out there.

We’ve had basic support for Collections for a while now, and it’s a great tool to help organize your library just the way you like it. Recently, though, we’ve gone through and significantly leveled up the Collections experience to give you more power than ever to customize and curate to your heart’s content.

Collect and Curate!

First, we’ve made some improvements to the UX so now it only takes a couple of clicks to add items to Collections — there’s no need to dive in and edit the magic Collections tag unless you’re a glutton for punishment!

Second, it’s now possible to specify a custom order for the items in your collection, so you can go ahead and take that machete to your Star Wars movies, or restore order to the MCU! Just drag and drop!

Get Smart(er)

Finally, you can now create Smart Collections! Just shy of full-on sentience, these bad boys let you harness the full power of the filter builder to slice and dice as you see fit!

That’s the new Collections, baby!

Next up, you now have full control over all of your recommendation “hubs,” including the ones that appear on your home screen! Head into settings to reorder or toggle any of your hubs on or off. Hate the “More with (Actor)” suggestions? Nuke ‘em! Wish you could “Rediscover” a TV series right from Home? Make it so!

We Recommend the Following Recommended Hub

One more thing… Plex Pass holders can choose to use any collection (including those clever smart collections we touched on a minute ago) as a hub either on the Home or Recommended screens! By combining this power with customized recommendations, you’ve got unprecedented flexibility to create the personalized browsing and discovery experience of your dreams!

So there you have it, a couple of powerful new tools in your ever-expanding media library curation toolbox. Let us know what kind of cool (or crazy), smart (or dumb) collections you come up with! Go forth and sharpen those machetes!

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