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June 8, 2008

Regressions, fixes

OK, I wanted to track down two issues quickly, and I didn’t feel like it was worth making a whole new release (yet, at least). This binary (please uncompress with “bzip2 -d” and replace OSXBMC.app/Contents/MacOS/XBMC) should fix the following two issues:

  • FIX: Greek characters (and really any non-ASCII characters) in a file name in the results of a smart search made the file not show up. How excessively anglo-centric of me.
  • REG: People reported that 720p MKV files showed excessive frame droppage and trouble skipping around. I *believe* I’ve fixed it, but I’d like confirmation.

You can find the new binary here and the source has been pushed to GitHub. Please let me know if these issues are fixed.

As an aside, I used the magic of “git bisect” to help me pinpoint when exactly the regression was introduced. It’s like a time machine that keeps cutting the search space in half and you simply recompile, test, and tell it if the problem exists or not. Simply magnificent.

I know this isn’t a formal release, but perhaps you’ll be quicker to forgive the regression if Barkley makes an appearance.


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