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October 15, 2014

Plex and VIZIO!

If you’re following along at home, with a bucket full of coconut-oil popcorn (delicious! healthy!), you probably saw our recent announcement where we unveiled a new direction for Plex in the living room. Beautiful library browsing and new and exciting content discovery features all wrapped up in a pair of brand new apps that feel perfectly at home on the big screen.

But what if you’re not a gamer, or have no plans to add an Xbox to your personal media arsenal any time soon? Or maybe you’re just a minimalist, and prefer not having any boxes next to your TV. You watch movies on the floor, crosslegged, eschewing non-hemp footwear and personal hygiene. We’re fine with that too.

Not only that, we’re happy to say that we can lend at least some of you a hand. We’re thrilled to announce our brand new Plex app for VIZIO Smart TVs, available today for Plex Pass subscribers! Once the Plex Pass preview period ends, the app will be available to purchase for a one-time fee if you don’t have a Plex Pass.

If you’re in the market for a new TV, you’ve probably heard that VIZIO just launched its delicious P-Series lineup of 4K TVs. Starting at just $999 (really!?) these are truly lovely displays with all sorts of fancy features like HEVC hardware decoding and local dimming. Definitely worth a look if you’re in the market for a new display. If you already have a 2013 (E/M series, except ones where the app store is called “Vizio Internet Apps” and not “Vizio Internet Apps Plus”) or 2014 (E/M/P) series, you’re also good to go; just navigate to the VIZIO app store and grab the Plex app today. Like the Xbox apps, the VIZIO app is also focused on video at first (we’re working hard on music and photos, and they’ll be available in an update as soon as they’re ready). In case you can’t find the remote fast enough, feast your eyes on the images below to get a taste of what it looks like.

In order to use this new app, you MUST install the latest release of the media server; available on our Downloads page.




Bidding you a fond hello, while camouflaged in the cool dewy morning grass, is our own Barkley Bonestein: official Plex mascot, and a big fan of Pit Bulls & Parolees.


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