Plex for WD My Cloud Pro Series

One of the biggest, safest, most powerful Plex Media Server machines yet

A transcoding beast

An awesome solution for safe, fast, high-capacity home storage of all your media, the My Cloud Pro Series also gives you the most transcoding badassery yet. With the ability to transcode multiple (up to 4) simultaneous 1080p streams, your viewing experience will always be top-notch. And, the hardware accelerated video processor means video files will look awesome, even if you are far, far away or on a mobile device.

Transcode Multiple 1080p streams with WD My Cloud Pro Series

Easy as pie

Simple to set up and use with Plex, the My Cloud Pro Series is an ideal device for running content libraries of any size and streaming them to anyone in your family, whether in your home or on the other side of the world. With Plex pre-loaded onto your My Cloud Pro Series, all you have to do is add your media and you’re off!

Store your content libraries on the My Cloud Pro Series

Plays well with others

Pair your My Cloud Pro Series with any other devices running Plex for seamless, beautiful playback. Or, take your favorite content with you on WD’s My Passport Wireless Pro, and keep access to your content even if you go offline.


Our WD My Cloud Pro Series app gives you a sleek and beautiful way to enjoy all of the great features Plex has to offer.

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    在您的任何设备上安装 Plex 应用,无论身在何处,均能享受精心组织的媒体。

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