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Virtual Reality

Interactive environments, watching together, voice chat, and more bring your media to life.

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Experience your media in a brand new way

Once you add your photos and videos to your Plex Media Server, you can imagine yourself in an upscale condo with breathtaking sights while marathoning a TV series or enjoy a drive-in theater while watching a movie. Open Plex VR, put on your compatible headset, and go on an adventure.

Watch Together

Watch media with friends (in real-time) from your Plex library. Even across Plex-supported VR platforms!


Voice chat while you Watch Together.


Throw popcorn, draw blinds, pick up cover art, and more.

Video Support

Play local media on your Android device (including 3D and 360/180 videos).

Explore interactive environments

Drive-in Theater
(Plex Pass)

The Void

Loft Apartment

Watch Together!

Feeling social? Watch your shows and movies (or a friend’s) together and host your very own review show—like Mystery Science Theater 3000. Everyone can customize their avatar, take control of what’s playing, and voice chat while watching. Escape with your friends no matter where they are and don’t forget to bring popcorn! Even works across Plex-supported VR platforms.


Watch Together is free for your first week (then requires Plex Pass).

Let's Party

Up to 4 friends can enjoy Watch Together.


Participants must be Plex Friends.

Interact with your environment

Virtual reality isn’t complete without being able to customize and play with your scenery. Interact with each environment from throwing popcorn to drawing blinds. Try a few interactive elements: honk your horn at the drive-in, pick up cover art, or resize your screen.

What do I need?

Going into the virtual reality matrix is easy, you just need a few things to get started:

Android Phone

Daydream-ready phone
Samsung Galaxy S7+
Samsung Galaxy Note 6+


Plex VR App

Google Play for Daydream
Oculus Store for Oculus Go and Gear VR

Download Plex

What you need to download Plex media server by platform, and the Plex app on all your devices.

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Google Play Store Reviews 4.4
294,809 ratings
Apple App Store Reviews 4.7
92,155 ratings
Roku App Store Reviews 4.0
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The Best of Plex

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