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July 13, 2008

We’re teaming up with CenterStage

You may have already heard, but if not, it gives me great pleasure to announce our partnership with the CenterStage group. We’ve been in talks for a while, and it feels great to be able to announce this publicly.

If you do nothing else, check out the amazing Flash demo of the interface design. That, my friends, is the interface that’s being developed for Plex as we speak. Enrique has already been hard at work at enhancing the skinning engine. I’ve seen some really early demos, and they look amazing. There is lots of work to do, but the end result will be a lovely front-end experience that looks great.

We’ve added a forum on our site to discuss this partnership, and I’m sure we’ll have more related announcements in the coming weeks and months.


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Plex — лучшее

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