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April 19, 2010

An Inconvenient Bug (or two)

So I’m sitting there coding the other day, and the phone rings. I pick up absentmindedly, because really, only Anna calls me. “Hello”, says the voice on the other end of the line, in an easy quasi-drawl “this is Al Gore”. My brow furrows, because I don’t believe it at first. “The Al Gore who invented the Internet?” I ask suspiciously. “One and the same”, he says.

“I called to ask for a favor”, he continues. “You see, I run Plex on my three monitors, and I noticed that when I set the display sleep timer, my monitors still wake up after a few seconds.”

I suddenly have a bad feeling. Barkley can sense it too, I think, because he opens one eye for a second, and then falls back asleep.

“So I ran the numbers”, Al Gore continues, “and, well, with all your users, this bug is going to result in a 3 inch rise in sea-levels over the next hundred years. Son, do you know what this means?”

“Well”, I say, somewhat uncomfortably, “I saw your film”. I leave out the part about feeling really sleepy about half-way through and waking up with drool on the couch. “I thought you were really good.”

“This is no joking matter”, he says all serious, “fix this bug, and save the planet and the people of Tuvalu in the process.”

Needless to say, I fixed the bug.

I’d love it if you could give it a try for me before I send it over. You can find the binary here (replace the one inside Plex.app/Contents/MacOS). It fixes two issues and adds a new feature.

  • Display sleep bug fixed.
  • Double sleep bug fixed.
  • Ryan W kindly added support for MP4 subtitles (apparently Gore hates MKV and has all his media in MP4 format).

If it works well, I’ll spin another full release with the fixes.

Here’s Barkley, with a ball for each fix.

IMG_8936 (1).jpg

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