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September 19-23

Join us for Plex Pro Week 2022 as we put the "personal" in your personal media experience with in-depth sessions and expert opinions from trusted pros. The tips, the tricks, the short-cuts, the deep-dives, the what(s), the why(s), and the how(s) are all coming your way, from the best in the business, all week long.

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The Pro Panel

Adriana Bosinceanu

Plex Software Engineer

Adriana has worked behind the foundation of our cloud services and ensures the best metadata representation across all Plex services.

Kevin Nether

Web Host, Kevin The Tech Ninja

A much-loved content creator, Kevin routinely covers technology ranging from lifestyle suggestions to in-depth gadget reviews.

Eric Powelson

Plex Product Manager

From his lair in Alaska, Eric leads the charge in building the best free TV solutions, while mildly obsessing over channel line-ups and guide data.

Linus Sebastian

Web Host, Linus Tech Tips

YouTube superstar and tech influencer, Linus is a “professionally curious” expert who entertains and educates everyone from the noob to the nerd.

Amanda Sobrinski

Plex UX Strategy & Research

A longtime Plex user, Amanda enjoys championing user needs and solving complex UX problems to deliver intuitive and creative solutions.

Joshua Vergara

Web Host

Joshua loves all things technology and his very popular YouTube channel is the go-to place for honest product reviews and commentary.

Spotlight Session

Elan Feingold

CTO & Co-Founder, Plex

An innovator and audiophile to his core, Elan is the famed creator of Plex’s beloved, custom music player Plexamp.


Monday, September 19th

Play in the Pro League

Linus Tech Tips

Learn from Linus as he talks about three awesome ways to build your Plex server and become a Plex Pro.

Monday, September 19th

Let’s Talk Transcoding

Linus Tech Tips

In this in-depth session, Linus gets into the delightfully nerdy, nitty gritty details of Hardware Transcoding, Plex Dash, and a lot more.

Tuesday, September 20th

Take Two: Your Home Is Now a Cinema

Kevin The Tech Ninja

Make your movie night come alive with tips on playing trailers, setting up webhooks, and adding custom pre-rolls.

Tuesday, September 20th

Q&A on the A-Z of Metadata

Adriana Bosinceanu

Get a behind-the-scenes look on how our team works on constantly improving the Plex experience through Metadata.

Wednesday, September 21st

Ta-Da, Plex Made Every Streaming Service at Your Service

Joshua Vergara

Get to know all about our new and super-awesome Discover & Discover Together (Beta) features and how these can simplify and connect your media world(s).

Wednesday, September 21st

Ready for a Design Deep Dive?

Amanda Sobrinski

Learn more about the thinking behind cross platform experiences on Plex, and how user feedback has informed changes in our UX/Product Design.

Thursday, September 22nd

(How To) Let the Cord Go, for Good

Eric Powelson

Watch a demo of an OTA antenna and tuner set-up, and integrate it with Plex using the new Hybrid Guide feature.

Friday, September 23rd

Say ‘Sup to Supersonic

Elan Feingold

Elan is in the house to treat all of you Plexamp fans with an early demo of the multi-room support (currently-in-dev) and other mind-blowing features of the custom music app.

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