Plex Labs

What is Plex Labs?

Plex Labs is the place to learn more about the awesome tech behind Plex, discover some amazing contributions and third-party apps from our community, and even test drive some of our very own passion projects and experimental features. If you’re the kind of person who’s looking to level up your Plex experience and you’re not afraid to poke around under the hood, Plex Labs is for you. With your help, we can keep pushing the boundaries and making Plex even more awesome than it is today. You can read more about why we created Plex Labs over on the blog.

What is Plex Labs

Passion Projects


Plexamp is a small music player for your desktop, with a number of unique features.Throw your best FLACs at it and experience sonic bliss!

For a more detailed look at Plexamp’s features (and a fun origin story!) check out our write-up.

While Plexamp is unsupported, we’ve provided Frequently Asked Questions to aid in your musical adventure.

  • Built with Love, Right at Home on your Desktop

    Global media key support, a high-quality audio path, and a permanent home in your tray.

  • Gapless Playback

    No more buzz kill when listening to live albums. Seamlessly transition between tracks on an album.

  • Visualizers

    Beautiful animations for music, with key colors extracted from album art.

  • Loudness Leveling & Smart Transitions

    Stop reaching for the volume knob. Loudness is normalized and smart transition points are computed between tracks, ensuring optimal listening flow.

  • SoundPrints & Waveform Seeking

    Enjoy beautiful graphical views of songs, and seek easily to specific places in a song.

  • Library & Artist Radio

    Explore your library in new ways with Library Radio, Time Travel Radio, and Artist Radio.



Webhooks are a Plex Pass feature which allows you to configure one or more URLs to get hit by the Plex Media Server when certain things happen. You can use webhooks for any number of purposes: home automation (such as dimming lights when you start playback), posting to Slack or Twitter, and more. The webhooks can be consumed by a custom HTTP server, or a service like Zapier.
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Community Software

Where would we be without love for and from our community? Third-Party Software showcases feature-rich plugins and apps that elevate your Plex experience. While they are unsupported, they’re well-loved and we’ve handpicked some of the most popular Plex community projects to share with you.

  • Tautulli

    Tautulli integrates with Plex to provide you a feature-rich dashboard of statistics from user activity to a graphical history of streams, play count, along with configurable notifications, and more.

    Learn more about Tautulli.

  • SyncLounge

    SyncLounge is a tool which allows you and your friends (and family) to watch Plex content in sync, across platforms, wherever you are (in multiple locations!).

    Learn more about SyncLounge.

  • Sub-Zero (for Plex)

    Sub-Zero is a Plex channel plugin for advanced subtitle management. It searches for the best matches, then downloads the subtitles automatically for your movies and TV shows.

    Learn more about Sub-Zero.