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September 17, 2023

Plex Pro Week ‘23: Cut the Cord Once and for All

Do you want to get as much TV as humanly possible? And maybe ditch that cable bill along the way? Here to help you make the most of your TV experience with Plex is Tim Stewart, aka Techno Tim, with tips and tricks that work even for the DVR illiterate. From selecting the right TV tuner and antenna, to recording Live TV using our hybrid TV guide, this is a Pro talk you should definitely tune in to.

About Tim

Software engineer and content creator, Timothy Stewart, aka Techno Tim, is a full stack software engineer, content creator, and a HomeLab enthusiast. Tim creates fun and easy-to-follow tech content on YouTube, hosts a community live stream on Twitch, and shares tech-related content on all social platforms. With a passion for all things tech, Tim enjoys diving deep into a technical topic, and teaching it along the way.

More Support

Want a deeper dive into Live TV? We’ve got you covered:
Live TV/DVR Setup
Supported DVR Tuners and Antennas

Need to start from the beginning? Here’s how to get your server up and running:
Intro to Plex
Quick-Start Guide to Server Set-Up
More on Plex Media Server Installation

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The Best of Plex

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