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July 16, 2015

Plex for Android’s Material Design makeover

Don’t stop me, I know what you’re thinking: How could the Android app possibly get any sexier than it already is? It’s like Ryan Gosling suddenly getting a Michelin star, or Brad Pitt being awarded a well-deserved Nobel Prize in foot massage.

All completely unrealistic scenarios aside, we’ve been continuing to embrace Android’s gorgeous Material Design guidelines, and all of the media preview screens have been upgraded to look amazing on both phones and tablets small and large.

There are a bunch of other great changes in this release, including multi-part video playback, a long-requested feature. On the Android TV side, we’ve added channel searching, and rich sorting and filtering capabilities. And on the Chromecast, you can now switch quality and select audio and subtitles during playback!

Rounding out the release is the usual assortment of tasty bug-fixes.

Have a look over these screenshots (if you must, lick your screen, we understand), and then run, don’t walk to Google Play (coming soon to Amazon) to get the update.




(Aside to iOS: Dear iOS, we know it’s been a bit rough. Those long walks in the park and boomboxes underneath windows in the rain, well, it’s been a while. But soon, very soon, all the other mobile platforms are going to be very jealous. That’s right, we’re gonna put a ringtone on it.)

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Plex 최고의 기능

Plex for Android’s Material Design makeover is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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