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Why just watch, when you can discover? Everything from movies and shows to friends and fellow fans. Find out what’s on across your streaming services, share your Watchlist, rate, comment, and more—it’s all possible with Plex.

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Fast and struggle-free, you can search the entire streaming universe—plus upcoming theatrical releases—without leaving the comfort of your own Plex.

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Select your favorite streaming services (like Hulu, Netflix, Max, and Disney+) to see what’s trending and discover more, faster—all without ever leaving Plex.

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Turns out, finding what to watch next is better when you do it together, connecting with fellow friends and fans who love movies and shows just as much as you do.

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New friends, new recommendations, new releases, and more are waiting for you.

Discover with the pros.

Discover Better, Together

Plex Founder and CPO Scott Olechowski shares how the future of Discover is, in fact, all of us.

Let’s Talk About Search, Baby

Get ready for a Universal Search test drive courtesy of Plex Product and UX Manager, Jason Williams.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Discover on Plex

Watch as web host Joshua Vergara uses the power of Discover to simplify and connect his media worlds.

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Discover is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.