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April 28, 2022

New Logo, Same Plex

Hi all. We want to let everyone know that we’re updating the official Plex logo! Starting today, you’ll be seeing us transition to a new lowercase wordmark. We do not take this step lightly—a lot of thought and sweat went into the process to create a more flexible and adaptable logo, and we hope you dig it as much as we do. We want to convey the unique sensibility of Plex while also leaning into a warmer and more inviting spirit when introducing ourselves to brand new users (which we’re fortunate enough to be doing a lot of these days).

Wait. You Changed the Logo?

Yep! After almost a decade of service, we’re retiring our classic Plex logo. Our new revision retains many of the elements of the classic logo—starting with our name (we didn’t want to go all META on you!), the colorway, and most importantly, the chevron. The chevron is what we call that little sideways “v” that is pointing from left to right. Some see it as an arrow pointing toward the future (or at least the next episode in a binge session). Some see the chevron as an implied play button, ready to be pressed and deliver your next tasty movie or show. Some even see a command prompt (raise your hand if C:\>dir means something to you!). For us, we see the chevron as a unique and essential part of our identity. A fun symbol that is literally available on any keyboard (making it rather ubiquitous). And so retaining the chevron while tastefully evolving the letterforms was an essential part of our design process.

Bringing It All Together

As some of you already know, our vision at Plex is to empower real human connection by bringing people and entertainment together. This is why we believe that the latest version of our logo—with its relaxed centerlines and rounded descenders—fits us perfectly. You’ll start seeing the revised logo roll out in your Plex app as well as in app stores, our websites, emails, and social feeds, and even out in the wild as we continue to spread the word about Plex. (We also have it on good authority that it looks pretty snazzy on t-shirts and caps!)

In Conclusion

As we invest our heart and soul into Plex, we’re always trying to make sure every facet of our company—our features, our products, our look and feel—reflects the absolute best they can be. We certainly won’t change any element just to change it, but we also are willing to push ourselves to constantly take risks and continually improve. We recognize that with logo explorations we’re performing open-heart surgery on a beloved mark, but we have done so in the most thoughtful, deliberate, and plex-y way possible—we hope you find the same.

—Your friends at (the same old) Plex.





New Logo, Same Plex is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.