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Plex Live TV & DVR

Join the cord cutting revolution! With a Plex Pass, you can now watch and record your favorite free HDTV digital broadcast channels, including local news and sports, on any device, anywhere in the world.

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Your favorite HDTV channels and more

With Plex Live TV and DVR you can watch and record high definition, over-the-air television broadcasts using a digital tuner and antenna. Our intuitive and customizable program guide supports channels in more than 70 countries, including shows from all major US networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and CW, as well as local programming, news, and sports (encrypted channels currently not supported). We also support many other major networks around the world, like CBC, BBC, ITV, Telemundo, and Univision.

View channels in your area

Watch your TV anywhere

Plex Live TV is currently available on Android (mobile), Android TV, Apple TV, and iOS devices. Recorded DVR movies and TV episodes can be watched, wherever you go, on more mobile and home streaming devices than any other DVR solution, including: Android (mobile), Android TV (including NVIDIA SHIELD), Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, iOS, Linux, Mac, PlayStation, Roku, most Smart TVs, Windows, and Xbox. More info on supported Plex applications here.

World class Live TV and DVR features

Plex makes it easy to discover and watch new TV shows and helps you find things you might be interested in. With an intuitive program guide and powerful search, you’ll be able to easily find, watch, and record movies, single episodes, entire series, news, documentaries, and sports. Best of all, your recordings will be integrated seamlessly with your existing media libraries.

Beautiful experience

Plex organizes all the programs you watch and record, making it easy to find what you want on any device. Plex enhances your shows with posters, actor info, season and episode details, genre, and more. Your media has never looked so good!

The simplest live TV solution

Just install a digital antenna, connect to your digital tuner, set up Plex Live TV and DVR, and start watching and recording content into your media library. Manage the recordings and scheduling in the familiar Plex interface. It’s so easy!

  • 1
    Install Digital Antenna

    Plex works with all types of digital antennas, indoor or outdoor. Simply choose your preferred brand (remember, you get what you pay for!) and install for best reception.

  • 2
    Connect Your Digital Tuner

    Plex currently works on a variety of network and USB tuners. They are easy to set up and work with all digital antennas. (see below).

  • 3
    Set up Plex Live TV and DVR

    Plex makes it super easy to add your digital tuner, detect all the channels available in your area, and customize your own TV programming guide.

4 reasons Plex is Essential for Cord Cutters

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Supported digital Tuners and Antennas

For complete details, please visit our support articles.

Plex Live TV and DVR Quick Tips

Need to know how to easily add a tuner, find the right programming, or maybe just manage meddlesome conflicts between episodes? All that and more is in this Quick Tips video from Plex.

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Ready for Plex Pass?

Your Plex Pass subscription gives you exclusive premium features and early access to new ones.

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