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September 14, 2008

Survey Results

I’ll be out of town for the next couple days, but I wanted to leave you all with some entertaining reading material. Back in July we asked you to fill out a survey detailing how you store your media, how you use Plex, and what future work on the project was important to you. There’s a link to the full survey towards the end, but here are some of the things that were interesting to me:

  • Almost three quarters of you have little or no media on physical discs.
  • 84% of you have little or no media in VIDEO_TS folders, or in ISO/IMG files.
  • 81% of you have little or no media inside RARs or ZIP files.
  • More than half of you have a majority of your media in high definition. Hello, future!
  • Only 4% of you use 4×3 resolution.
  • Only 24% of you use library mode, with 22% finding it too buggy and 29% finding it too complicated.

The interesting thing about those numbers – to me, at least – is in terms of priorities and allocating limited resources towards work on a project. As an example, I think it’s clear from these numbers that Team RazorFish did the exact right thing by leaving 4×3 support for their lovely MediaStream skin until the end!

The top three things you wanted from Plex back in July were stability, integration with OS X, and a lovely skin. We’ve been working hard to address the first, we now ship with the MediaStream skin, and we’ve got some really exciting stuff coming up in terms of integration features.

Plex needs to have strong focus on what’s important to our users, and we really appreciate everyone who filled out the survey to help us with that.

And now I’m off to go relax and celebrate our one year wedding anniversary. Assuming I can relax without an Internet connection, that is…

Plex Planning Survey.pdf

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