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Plex Blog

September 10, 2020

Live TV Gratis

Plex Free Live TV expands with new Spanish language channels

Si prefieres, tenemos este post en versión español.

A few weeks ago we launched free Live TV on Plex. Which was great—if you enjoy your content in English. If you were a fan of Spanish language content, there wasn’t quite as much to enjoy. So today we are excited to announce for our US audiences, that we’re adding a new serving of channels featuring a wide array of Spanish language content—telenovelas, game shows, sitcoms, movies, award-winning series and more. With our Spanish language channels, our total free channel count to over 100! You can find Free Live TV channels on the free Plex app for Roku, Apple TV, Android TV, iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and on web desktop.

¿Por qué? You may ask

Well, given that our long-term vision is to deliver a world of entertainment, we are excited to start to welcome new voices and languages to the Plex family. Whether you are looking to brush up on your vocab with reruns of Casados con Hijos (yep, Married with Children) or La Niñera (aka The Nanny— which has been made in TWELVE different countries?!?!), or looking for a steamy telenovela to binge watch and bond with your abuelita, Plex has something to scratch the itch. Who doesn’t love it when your sister’s ex-husband’s evil twin returns from beyond the grave to become the priest officiating your triplet daughters’ triple wedding?

Centro de sitcoms

Looking for a laugh? Tune into the Sony Comedias channel and enjoy a new latin twist on some old classics. Casados con Hijos (Married with Children), La Niñera (The Nanny), and Mi Bella Genio (I Dream of Jeannie) to name just a few.

Drama para tu Mama

If engrossing intergenerational family dramas are your thing, we have some high-drama telenovelas that you can dive right into. If you’re a fan of strong women, there is Doña Barbara, or if beauty queen turned hit-woman is more your style, then there’s Señorita Pólvora, or for a transnational experience as we shuttle between Medellin and New York, there is the adventure of love and loss in Paraíso Travel. As the channel itself claims, “we love guilty pleasure.”


For fans of Latin Music, lifestyle, and culture, we have Latido Music with 24/7 music videos, artist interviews, live performances, and more. With artists from Bad Bunny to Sofia Reyes, Ivy Queen to Macaco, across the US and Latin America, this channel provides you the global beat, fashion, and style you need.

America’s funniest

If you like adorable puppies, toddlers who like to make mischief, and the occasional (and often spectacular) trampoline fails, then this is the perfect comfort food to give you the good-time feels you need.

Reality competition

If you are into a combo of Who Wants to be a Millionaire and Wipeout… but in a cage, you will get your fill with Escape Perfecto, a gameshow-cum-physical challenge competition (also made in 18 countries) offering pairs of contestants all sorts of trips, cars, and other prizes. It’s a great way to brush up on trivia, like what’s in certain Yucatecan delicacies—hint: it’s guinea pig.

All movies all the time

And if you’re a movie buff, now you can watch free premium programming that spans all genres—award-winning movies, series and documentaries—from rom-coms lovingly dubbed into Spanish language, to dramas from Academy Award winning directors, like Ma ma with Penélope Cruz and Chico and Rita. You will also find series like Guapas and Argentina: Land of Love and Vengeance—Runtime Español and Canela TV bring you endless hours of entertainment.

You can also browse our small but growing selection of on-demand spanish language movies—as always free. Check out our Sabor Latino hub to see the latest titles.

Create your own channel line-up

Don’t forget that with Plex’s free live TV set-up, you can always fine-tune your lineup, selecting only the channels you want to see and hiding the ones that you don’t. If you need any pointers, be sure to check our handy support overview and FAQ. And if you’re thirsty for any specific titles or channels you’d like to see, drop us a line and we’ll do our best to add it to our lineup.

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