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December 12, 2017

Heart your photos

It’s that time of year when you realize the only way you can make all of your end of year deadlines is if you crossed paths with Doc Brown (and you conveniently own a DeLorean). Between work deadlines, buying the right gifts, thinking about New Years’ eve, and sending everyone holiday greetings — it’s easy to want to curl up into the fetal position and hibernate until spring. Well, cross one thing off the list because we’ve made it easier to choose from your never-ending collection of photos for that perfect holiday card. Pick your favorites from that amazing vacation you had this year, or your collection of spontaneous silly license plate wordplay. That’ll show your Aunt Karen you’re a responsible person who has their proverbial sh*t together.

With the favorites option for photos, you can quickly mark your photos with a heart which automatically adds them to a Favorites album, never to be lost among those other basic pumpkin-spiced-latte-esque photos in your library. If you don’t have a Favorites album already, it will automatically be created with your first favorited photo. Looking in the web app? No worries. Whether it’s a single photo or a few, just heart them like your grandma’s facebook post and they will heart you back from their new home.

Combined with some of the other impressive features we released this year, finding and hearting your favorite photos is easier than ever. Don’t forget, you can search or sort through your photos based on album or chronology, with our timeline view feature. Or you can search by automagic tag, based on the subject of the pic you’re looking for. You can also search for the place where you captured that special memory, and, using geo-tagging, Plex will be there to remember your moments when you’re busy recouping from holiday brain.

The option to favorite photos is free for everyone, but to enjoy the rich Photos experience your captured moments deserve, you’ll need a Plex Pass. Visit the support pages to learn more about photo features.

Barkley finished his holiday shopping.

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