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August 2, 2017

Control Time and Space (Sort of)

Who here hasn’t dreamt of being a Time Lord? And who among us hasn’t watched endless YouTube videos in search of that elusive 1.21 gigawatt mod for their Honda Civic?

We can’t quite include a TARDIS with your Plex Pass yet, but we can do the next best thing, which is allowing you to time shift Live TV! That’s right, with our latest enhancements, you can now time-travel (well, pause or skip around) when watching Live TV. No longer will you be forced to choose between getting more Cheetos and seeing who gets voted off the island. Life is hard enough, we’re making it easier for you to cut the cord.

Android and Apple TV Updates

We’re thrilled to bring Live TV to Apple TV* and Live TV and DVR support to Android mobile, joining iOS, Android TV, and our lovely Plex Web app (DVR only). Not that we’re counting, but that makes over 2 billion devices more worldwide you can enjoy this with — join our community of (dare we say: smart and good-looking) cord-cutters and take Plex DVR and Live TV for a spin!

Live TV and DVR – Now out of Beta!

With all the hard work we’ve put into what we believe is clearly the best DVR on the planet, we’re ready to take the training wheels off and call this officially out of beta. There’s lots more great stuff in the pipeline too, don’t worry!

Remember, all you need to get started (besides a sweet, sweet Plex Pass), is a supported digital antenna and a tuner.

Time Shifting

On top of Live TV support, we’re giving you the ability to time-travel (pause/play, rewind, and fast forward) through the Cosmos of Live TV. Time shifting** means you don’t have to time your snack quests during commercials.

What Does it MEAN?

Plex has been all about making your media both beautiful and available everywhere for nearly a decade. Being able to seamlessly integrate the breadth of content which is freely available over the air (Or a cable! Split hairs!) into our cord-cutting ecosystem is a game-changer. Record something, then sync it to your phone to take on a plane. Stream Live TV across the world to your hotel room (order room service while you’re at it; something greasy). This is, simply put, awesome.

(Still waiting for Live TV and DVR features for your favorite device? We’re working on updates to our entire line of Plex apps, so hang tight! Roku, Fire TV, and Smart TVs are coming soon.)

Not sure where to start? Visit the Live TV and DVR page and check out our support pages for frequently asked questions and setup information.

Watch what you want, record what you want, and do it on your own terms. Check it out and let us know what you think!

Here’s a photo of Barkley trying to understand why anyone would be indoors watching TV in the first place:

Time shifting requires Plex Media Server Version 1.8.0 and above.
* Apple TV requires version 1.14. You may need to restart Plex to access Live TV.
** Android mobile support requires version 6.3

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