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Press Room

Plex News

USA Today

Cord cutting? Best streaming boxes for getting the TV shows and movies you want

Windows Central

Why you should forget about Windows Media Center and use Plex


When does it make sense to cut the cord?

Windows Central

Best NAS for Plex


Plex Live TV & DVR: An Imperfect But Essential Tool for Cord Cutters


Best DVR for cord cutters

Yahoo Tech

How to install an HD antenna for free TV


What Is Plex And How Does It Work?


lex media streaming platform is now available as a snap on Linux


How To Get Everything Possible Out Of Your Old Gadgets In 2018


7 Ways To Get Your Computer Screen Up on Your TV


Emby vs Plex: Which is better?


How to pick the right NAS for a Plex server


Plex Podcasts exits beta with new offline mode and OPML importing

The Gadgeteer

Plex Pass Review

Android Central

Best media streamers for Plex

Digital Trends

The Best Apple TV Apps


How cord-cutters can deal with data caps


How to Connect a Hard Drive to Raspberry Pi (And Why You Should)

PC Magazine

How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV


The best Windows apps

Android Central

Best Android Apps For Oculus Go


Plex adds Grid View on Apple TV


How to Download Everything from Your Favorite Streaming Services


Plex Review: 4.5/5

Popular Science

So you bought a new TV. Now you need these apps.

Windows Central

Best hard drives for Plex

New York Times

How to Keep Up With the World Cup if You Can’t Watch Live


10 Apps Every Windows User Needs to Install

Android Police

The SHIELD Experience 7.0 (Oreo) is now rolling out to all NVIDIA SHIELD Android TVs


Best CVR for Cordcutters


How to Turn a Raspberry Pi into a Plex Server

Xbox Addict

Turn your Xbox One into a Plexbox One

Cord Cutting Report

NVIDIA Shield gets external storage support for PLEX


The Ultimate Guide to Plex With Live TV & DVR

Digital Trends

Plex for Sonos unlocks your music library’s full potential

Trusted Reviews

Plex for Sonos updated with a number of neat new features


Plex: This free app lets you stream all of your local movies, pictures, and music on your computer to your phone or tablet

No Cable

The Most Highly Recommended Apps for Cord Cutters


Watch Your Plex Library in Virtual Reality With Gear VR


The 4 Best NAS for Home Media Servers and Shared Storage

Popular Science

How to watch live TV on your computer


Plex adds DVR scheduling to its Apple TV app


Top Android Apps of 2018

Huffington Post

5 Cord-Cutting Options To Help Save You Money

Windows Central

How to use Plex DVR with Xbox One

USA Today

How to watch the Winter Olympics without cable, for about $30

Mental Floss

Ready to Cut the Cord? 12 Cost-Saving Alternatives to Cable


How to Watch Plex Using Google Daydream VR


7 Apps You Should Ditch iTunes For

Herald Online

Want to cut the cable cord? Here are options


Which streamer should you buy?


Best Fire TV apps


If you can't cord the cord, try shaving instead

PC Perspective

Ultimate Cord Cutter's Guide


Amazing Android TV apps you didn't know existed


Best Paid Apps for iPhone


How to use Plex to build a seamless media library


Plex adds personalized, streaming news to its media player software

Trusted Reviews

Plex News launches – offers something Netflix and Amazon don’t


The best media streaming devices


Plex adds Amazon Fire TV and web support for live TV


Plex users can view live TV with DVR on Amazon Fire TV and the web


Plex adds location support for personal photo libraries

Rewards Expert

Access your Media Library Wherever Your Travels Take You with Plex


7 Reasons the Nvidia Shield Is the Ultimate Tool for Cord-Cutters


20 great uses for an old Android device

Decider/NY Post

If You’re Holding Onto Cable to Watch Broadcast TV Shows, Plex Offers a Few Good Reasons to Quit

Popular Science

Ditch your phone’s default apps for these superior replacements

Android & Me

Top 10 Android App Updates This Week


Plex pushes Live TV broadcasts to Apple TV, Android


Plex brings its Live TV streaming service to Apple TV and Android, adds time-shifting

How To Geek

How to Add IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes Ratings to Your Plex Media Server


How to watch your Plex media from anywhere


Plex for Android gets a highly requested feature


Plex TV May Be Your Answer to Cutting the Cord


Plex launches live TV for antenna-savvy cord-cutters

Cord Cutting Report

Plex Live TV launches in beta with expanded DVR support


Plex Rolls Out Live TV Streaming, Improved DVR


Plex Has Added A Brilliant New Feature To Nvidia Shield


Plex becomes a low-cost, DIY streaming TV service

The Verge

Plex Live TV is Live- Cord Cutters Rejoice!

Trusted Reviews

Ponying up for a Plex Pass just became a no-brainer for cord cutters – here's why


Plex Adds Live TV, Expands DVR Hardware Support


You can now watch and record live TV through Plex media servers

How To Geek

How to Dim Your Hue Lights When Watching Movies in Plex

Popular Science

How to stream your video collection to any device


How to Use Plex with Roku

Digital Trends

How to Use Plex on Your PC

Tom's Guide

How to Store and Stream Movies with Plex

Dallas Morning News

Plex lets you store movies and music for streaming


Best DVR for Cord Cutters


HDHomeRun and Plex DVR review: For hardcore do-it-yourself cord-cutters only

Apple Gazette

Create Your Own Netflix and Spotify With Plex for macOS

Addictive Tips

How To Install & Set Up Plex Media Server On Linux

How To Geek

How to Use Plex Media Server Without Internet Access

Android Guys

Nvidia Shield is the ultimate Android TV device


The Best Media Streamers


Best Media Streaming Device

Linus Tech Tips (YouTube)

Ultimate DVD Archival System Tutorial (Using Plex!)

Android Headlines

Plex App Gets New Features On Android & Android TV

Rotten Tomatoes

Mind Over Matter: How To Maximize Your Home Entertainment Experience with Futuristic Technology

Byte My Bits/YouTube

This is How I Plex

Android Authority

Plex Adds App Shortcuts & Other Features To The Android App

Dallas Morning News

Tech Advisor: Plex lets you store movies and music for streaming


Plex Cloud exits beta, now available to all Plex Pass subscribers

Windows Central

Plex Cloud lets you ditch your media server for the OneDrive, Dropbox and Google Drive

The Verge

Plex’s cloud media server is now available for all Plex Pass subscribers


Plex opens up Plex Cloud to all subscribers

DIY House Help

How To Stream All of Your Media Throughout Your Home Using Plex

Family Tech Zone

Your Collection Anywhere - Using a Plex Server

NVIDIA Shield Blog

Plex Now Supports Photo-Tagging on SHIELD

Windows Central

Plex Cloud is your new on-the-go media server

We Got Served

How to: Run Plex Media Server on the Synology RT2600ac Router

Gizmodo AU

How to Build the Ultimate Movie and Music Server


Best Apple TV apps in the UK


Stream Practically Anything to an Apple TV With These 5 Apps

Windows Central

Plex beginner's guide: What it is, how to use it and why you need it

Sound & Vision

Hands On: Plex Adds DVR Features and Alexa


How to turn the Nvidia Shield TV into an OTA DVR with HDHomeRun and Plex

Fierce Cable

Plex CEO explains why his company bought Watchup and what’s next

How To Geek

How to Control Plex Media Center with the Amazon Echo


How to Build the Ultimate Movie and Music Server


Plex Gets Alexa Voice Support On All Amazon Devices


Plex for Alexa will get the party started with your voice

Digital Trends

Being a Plex user gets even easier thanks to the service's new Alexa skill


Plex Acquires Watchup to Add News Video to Its Media Center App


Plex acquires Watchup to bring streaming news to its media app


Plex Acquires Watchup, Adding Another Weapon In The Arsenal Of Cord Cutters Everywhere


Nvidia Shield TV (second generation) review: This the best media streamer for geeks


19 Hidden Roku Tricks for Streaming Success

Android Headlines

Top 10: NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV Apps

Expert Reviews

How to use Plex Media Server to watch videos anywhere and on any device

NBC News

See the Latest Gadgets on Display at CES

PC World

Should you cut the cable-TV cord in 2017? Our guide will help you decide

PC Advisor

Best Kodi add-ons 2017: How to get Plex on Kodi & other great add-ons: Watch free content, stream to your phone, and discover new shows with Kodi add-ons

TechHive/PC World

The 2016 cord-cutter awards ("Best new use of an over-the-air antenna: Plex DVR")


Score a new iPhone? Download these 10 apps


The Quest for your Dream Streamer

Paste Magazine

10 Apps to Keep Your Family Entertained During the Holidays


The Best Gadgets Money Can Buy: Wired's Picks for 2016

Android Central

Best Gifts for Cord Cutters


Simple guide to making (and sharing) a Plex streaming movie library


Plex can pull media from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive

The Verge

Plex's cloud media server now supports Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive


Plex Adds Google Drive, Dropbox and Onedrive Support to Cloud-Based Media Server

Tom's Guide

Plex, One of the Best Streaming Apps, Is Now Free for All

Mac Rumors

Plex Media Player for Mac Now a Free Download for All Users

Apple Insider

Plex makes Media Player free to use for macOS, adds Kodi support for subscribers

Trusted Reviews

Plex just landed on Kodi and suddenly the world seems alright again

Yahoo! Tech

Plex Pass now has automated photo tagging and faster syncing speeds


The 50 Free Apps We're Most Thankful For


Best Chromecast apps for iPhone and iPad


Video: Does Today's Online Video and OTT Landscape Favor Content Creators?


Get More Out of Your Roku With These 10 Tips

Phone Arena

Plex for Android update adds a plethora of new features


How to Build Your Own Personal Netflix


How to use Plex Cloud to get at your movies, music and photos from anywhere in the world


The 50 Best Apple TV Apps for news, entertainment, videos and more

Digital Trends

Hands on: Plex Cloud


How to Build Your Own Private Netflix


How to Take Your Music and Movies Everywhere with Plex Cloud

PC World

Plex Cloud lets you say goodbye to your always-on home media server


Plex Cloud lets you dump your home media server


CEDIA 2016: What DIY Vendors Want from the Pros


16 Chromecast tips and tricks


Plex adds a DVR feature for over-the-air and CableCARD tuners


Plex Can Now Replace Your DVR


The Best Video Player You Can Use Finally Gets DVR Support


Plex Can Now Be Your DVR, Record Over-the-Air TV With a Digital Tuner

The Verge

Plex DVR is here


WD Puts Plex in Your Pocket With My Passport Wireless Pro

Windows Report

Plex starts testing its app on Windows 10 Mobile


8 Plex Tricks and Tips You Really Need to Know

Trusted Reviews

Plex for Windows 10 gains new Cortana support

Fast Company

Microsoft Wants To Redefine Windows Apps, But Do App Developers Care Yet?

PC & Tech Authority

Your NAS can do more than just store data


How to free up space on your Android phone or tablet


Plex Rewrites Its Media Streaming App for Windows 10

Hot Hardware

Experiencing NVIDIA's SHIELD With Plex Media Server Streaming Prowess


Use Plex's Optimise Feature To Make Streaming Playback Smoother


Plex Review: 4.5/5 Stars


7 Essential Tips to Get More Out of Your Roku


Turn your Nvidia Shield into a full-fledged media server with Plex


The Best Media Server Just Got a Whole Lot Better

High Def Digest

Western Digital Offers New Devices with Plex Media Server Support


5 Reasons to Install Linux on Your Laptop

Android TV News

Plex Media Server Added to Google Play

Trusted Reviews

How to build a full-fat 4K Plex streaming system for under $200


Plex Has Added A Brilliant New Feature To Nvidia Shield


Plex Does Away With Dedicated Server Requirement for NVIDIA Shield Users


5 Apple TV Apps That Are Actually Great on a Big Screen

Motley Fool

Are Bundling and Triple-Play Deals Keeping People With Big Cable?

Gizmodo UK

10 Tricks To Turn You Into A PS4 Master

How To Geek

How to Update Your Plex Media Library, Manually and Automatically

How To Geek

How to Enable (and Troubleshoot) Remote Access to Your Plex Media Server

Mobile Syrup

Roku Streaming Stick vs. Google Chromecast: What stick is right for you?

Fox News Phoenix

Review: Nvidia Shield TV Is An Android Beast

Streaming Advisor

Major Plex Update For Roku


How to Install Plex On Raspberry Pi

9 to 5 Mac

Synology NAS, a solid backup solution and great home media server with Plex

Youtube: Linus Tech Tips

Stream your home media files away from home

Tech Know How

How to Set Plex Permissions on Linux or NAS Devices


How to use Plex media server

GeekSquad UK

How to set up Plex Media Server for Windows

Total Gaming UK

Don't Pass Up On Plex


5 best android apps you should have right now

USA Today

6 ways to free up more space on your smartphone


Plex app for Windows 10 gets anonymous application metrics to help drive future improvements


The Best Plex Channels


Why Plex is the Killer App for the Apple TV and How to Get Started


Plex’s Grand Plans to Become the Center of Your Cord Cutting Life

Huffington Post

How to Get the Most Out of Your Chromecast

Tom's Guide

The Best Roku Channels

Geek Squad

How to Stream Media from Your PC to Your Amazon Fire TV


Top 5 Best Home Server Softwares


Here's How to Play Your Local Files with a Streaming Stick

Gizmodo/Gizmodo Australia

How To Play Local Files with Just a Streaming Stick

Tom's Guide

Your Guide to Cable TV Cord-Cutting


10 Must-Have Apple TV Apps

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