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September 19, 2022

Plex Pro Week ‘22 Day 1: Linus Tech Tips

Celebrate Plex Pro Week ‘22 with in-depth sessions and expert opinions from trusted pros. The tips, the tricks, and the deep-dives from the best in the business are coming your way, all week long.

Let’s Talk Transcoding

In this in-depth session, Linus gets into the delightfully nerdy, nitty gritty details of Hardware Transcoding, Plex Dash, and a lot more.

Bonus Session: Play in the Pro League

Hailing from his YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, web host Linus overviews three awesome ways to build your Plex server and become a Plex Pro.

About Linus

YouTube superstar and tech influencer, Linus is a “professionally curious” expert who entertains and educates everyone from the noob to the nerd.

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Want a deeper dive into Hardware Transcoding? We’ve got you covered:
Using Hardware Accelerated Streaming

Need to start from the beginning? Here’s how to get your server up and running:
Intro to Plex
Quick-Start Guide to Server Set-Up
More on Installation

More Plex Pro Week 2022 Sessions:

Tuesday, September 20th
Your Home Is Now a Cinema (Kevin The Tech Ninja)
Q&A on the A-Z of Metadata (Adriana Bosinceanu)

Wednesday, September 21st
Every Streaming Service, at Your Service (Joshua Vergara)
Ready for a Design Deep Dive? (Amanda Sobrinski)

Thursday, September 22nd
(How To) Let the Cord Go, for Good (Eric Powelson)

Friday, September 23rd
Say ‘Sup to Supersonic (Elan Feingold)

The Pro Panel of Plex Pro Week ’22

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