May 27, 2013

Plex 3.2 for iOS released

Greetings to all our iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users! Although Android has been getting all the attention recently, rest assured that the iOS team have been working hard in the background!

We’ve got some great changes & new features to share with you in the next major update. However, we realise that the recent changes to the filtering features have made using the app less simple and enjoyable for some users, particularly those with large libraries. We didn’t want to leave you all waiting until the next big update to resolve those issues, so we’re very happy to bring you a small update to address the main problems.

First of all, we’ve added paging support to the app. Without going into too many techincal details, this means that the app requests media information in batches rather than asking for all the information at once. This makes section loading and filtering incredibly fast. You’ll notice the difference no matter how large your library is, but it’ll make a huge difference over remote connections or when accessing large libraries.

We’ve also addressed all known issues relating to PlexSync, including one awful issue that could cause all synced content to be removed when syncing over a slow or unreliable network connection. This should make syncing content far more reliable, which is obviously very important to us considering it’s a premium feature.

While paging addresses the most common complaints with the recent versions of the app, we didn’t feel like we’d done enough to warrant an update from 3.1 to 3.2, so we added another small feature – remote playback! Plex/iOS will now advertise as a player, allowing you to fling content and control playback from any Plex client supporting remote playback to the iOS client.


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Plex 3.2 for iOS released is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.