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Name That Flick: Robert Downey Jr. Edition

@LordCastleton September 15, 2020

Welcome back to Name That Flick! Let’s see if you can get today’s movie…we’re going to start out with Robert Downey Jr.

Aaaaand let’s sprinkle in some of the late, great, Carrie Fisher.

Get it yet? Okay how about we add Kevin Kline? In and Out? Was Carrie Fisher in Dave? No, those aren’t right…

What the hell, let’s throw in a double shot: Whoopi Goldberg and Teri Hatcher.

This may be tougher than I thought. Would Elisabeth Shue help?

If you haven’t gotten it yet, I doubt that adding Cathy Moriarty will help, but it might.

This is the big one! Here’s the final clue…Sally Field.

Did you figure it out?

Ohohohokay! The answer is…


I thought this movie would be more generally beloved than it ended up, but let me tell you, it has one of my favorite scenes in it.

If you’ve ever acted or tried to make it in the dog-eat-dog world of the theater, watching Kevin Kline play Willy Loman in an old folks dinner theater is misery. It feels like actor hell. Retirees are yelling that they can’t hear him so while he’s slinging Arthur Miller’s famous lines he starts to throw his voice so they can hear. Then an elderly woman knocks over her coffee and starts calling for the waiter in the middle of the scene. When no waiter appears, Kline leaves the stage, mid-monologue, walks to the table in character, and cleans up the coffee. I feel like I die a little every time I see it. If you don’t have time to watch the whole film, jump to 35:48 and take three minutes to watch the scene. It’s pure torture. Great and terrible in equal measure.

There’s also a young, fresh-faced Robert Downey Jr. and the lovely Elisabeth Shue, who is, at the very least, always delightful. Ditto for the timing and comedic instincts of the remarkable Sally Field. I can’t remember when I started loving Sally Field but it was decades ago.

And you’ll never get me to say a bad word about Kevin Kline after I’ve watched him in The Pirates of Penzance like 300 times. He’s a goddamn beaut.


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