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Transfer and get some goodies!

Bring your billing into Plex and immediately gain access to all 60 of the highest quality, ad-free, plus a slew of totally excellent audio features!

Make the switch


Simply switch your billing from TIDAL to Plex and get some new audio frosting to go on that cake. Got TIDAL HiFi? Keep all your My TIDAL goodness just as it is now, but make it sound even better with killer audio features!

Keep all your TIDAL perks

Includes all 60 million+ tracks, 250,000 videos, plus all your existing My TIDAL content—no need to start from scratch—and combine the forces of TIDAL’s full catalog with your own music in Plex

Get a shiny new Plex Pass

Got TIDAL HiFi Plus? Then you also get a brand-spankin’-new Plex Pass, a $4.99 monthly value, absolutely FREE!

Advanced audio & more

Unlock sweet fades, loudness leveling, gapless playback, advanced hybrid caching, and silence compression for the best listening out there

Det bästa från Plex

Plex Pass ger dig exklusiv tillgång till coola nya funktioner och appar.

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Det bästa från Plex

Transfer TIDAL Subscription Page is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is the software that allows you to stream your content to all of your devices, anywhere.

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