September 13–17

Join us for our inaugural Plex Pro Week, featuring passionate server owners from the Plex community and experts inside Plex. From transcoding to downloads to enhanced dashboard control, you’ll learn how to take your personal media experience to the next level with Plex Pass.

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2021 Plex Pro Week Schedule

Lon Seidman
Web Host @Lon.TV
Bit Rates Be Damned

Learn how to make streaming your favorite recorded movies and shows a dream, even when you’re far from home.
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Jason Watts
Web Host @Byte My Bits
Download to Infinity...and Beyond

Discover how, with Plex, you aren’t limited to just what you can stream on a mobile connection when on the road.
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Dylon Smith
Logo Designer & Audiophile
The Beat Must Go On

See how it feels to set your music free with Plexamp. Not just another pretty app, this is an audiophile’s dream solution that just keeps getting better.
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Ridley Combs
Plex Senior Software Engineer
The Secret’s in the Sauce

Become a Contributor
Hear from a senior engineer on what it’s like to work on a best-in-class server solution, and why your opinion—and Plex Pass membership—matters to us!
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Scott Olechowski
Plex Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
You’re the Captain Now

Advanced Dashboard Control
Data nerd alert! Discover how to take control of your server with the advanced monitoring tools available on Plex Web and our exclusive bespoke app, Plex Dash.
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Take Your Pro Status to the Next Level

A more premium personal media experience is waiting. Upgrade to Plex Pass membership today to unlock access to exclusive features and benefits.


HDR Tone Mapping

Watch all of your library content—SDR or HDR—in true color on any screen.


Configurações avançadas

Customize your Plex icons, set extra sharing restrictions and allow premium access for shared users.

Skip Intro

Get to the good stuff minutes faster without those pesky opening credits.1


Local Live TV & DVR

Watch and record live broadcast TV directly on your device (in HD where available).2

Trailers & Extras

Enjoy interviews and extras, plus high quality trailers for upcoming releases.


Letras de música

See timed lyrics to your favorite songs when available, so you can karaoke (or lip sync) like a pro.

1Skip Intro is for personal media only; does not apply to Movies & Shows or Live TV on Plex. 2Antenna and tuner required.

O melhor do Plex

O Plex Pass oferece acesso exclusivo a novos recursos e apps incríveis.

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O melhor do Plex

Plex Pro Week is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is the software that allows you to stream your content to all of your devices, anywhere.

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