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March 21, 2008

Working on Python and VFS

Why so quiet lately? I’ve been working on a tool that processing Mach-O shared libraries and remaps symbols, so that libraries that we load inside OSXBMC call our own versions of some functions. This is needed in order to make paths and virtual file system behavior work (e.g. so that ImageLib can be told to open “smb://…..”).

Having this working will not only allow scripts to work (with correct paths, especially), but will also fix a number of problems people have reported like “Thumbnails don’t work over SMB shares”. At least, that’s the theory.


I’ve gotten things near working to the point where the resulting libraries appear to be valid, and hooked functions are getting called, but now I’m running into some other issues. If you’d like to take a peek at the code for the Mach-O processor, it’s here.

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