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December 23, 2008

Our Mirrors Runneth Over

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate the overwhelming response to our request for mirrors. Isaac worked his ass off on some scripts, and now the whole thing is automated. Adding or removing a mirror is trivial, and you should never get a bad link even if mirrors go down. What this should translate to from your perspective is FAST Plex downloads!

At this point we have 23 active mirrors, and that should be enough. We’ll definitely keep all the contact information for everyone who emailed, in the event that we look to add more mirrors in the future.

We would like to thank the following people, on the active mirror list, for their generosity:

  • Juggeli (Finland)
  • Roopesh Sheth, Family, and Pets (USA)
  • Anonymous (USA)
  • Anthony ter Neuzen, Theatre Projects, (The Netherlands)
  • Michel Rabozee, aka Mickey (Belgium)
  • Elias Vaattovaara, University of Oulu (Finland)
  • James Garrard, Hosting (UK)
  • Torfinn Nome (Norway)
  • Cato
  • Nicolas Hyvernat (France)
  • Nick Peelman, (USA)
  • Steve (USA)
  • Nicolas Hyvernat (France)
  • Andreas Schlicht, media byte Hosting (Germany)
  • The Computer Society at Lund University and Lund Institute of Technology, <> (Sweden)
  • Liquid Gravity, Inc <> (USA)
  • Lars-G. –
  • Aris Biscevic
  • Martin Månsson (Sweden)
  • Ron Dutt (USA)
  • Karl Söderström
  • Michal Waissmann, Sok Media (USA)
  • Rune H.
  • Vivek Iyer
  • neuro,

Thank you all very much, and also many thanks to all other other people who responded with offers for hosting.

Edit: Looks Like Elan forgot a to mention a couple of our mirrors! I’m using my ninja skills to hop in here and add them for him (–Isaac)

Again me with the edits! I just added a late comer to the list neuro,

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