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September 3, 2008

Release 0.5.15: All about the regressions

Hopefully this release will cure most of the serious issues with the last one. Downloads and source at the Plex home page. Thanks to everyone for their kind comments and thorough bug reports, and a warm welcome to all the new users!

  • FIX: The issue with using Remote Buddy.
  • FIX: DVDs don’t play over SMB (and other non-local protocols).
  • FIX: Crashes when thumbnailing MPEG2 files.
  • FIX: Annoying popup asking to locate screensaver (99% sure).
  • FIX: Hebrew characters should work again (i.e. be the right way around).
  • FIX: Apple Movie Trailers thumbs don’t display.
  • FIX: Going to full screen without visualizer doesn’t work (thanks, jmarshall!)
  • FIX: Problems playing RAR files.
  • FIX: Fixed a crash after playing an unplayable file.
  • FIX: Cursor sounds work correctly until you play something.
  • NEW: Latest version of MediaStream! We’ve added an experimental skin fontset called “Unicode” which uses Arial unicode for all the fonts, it may help international users.
  • NEW: Mouse is turned off by default.
  • NEW: Default username for web server is “plex” not “xbox”.

We also pulled the usual bunch of fixes from the XBMC code.

Here’s Barkley giving himself a good back scratch in the back yard.


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