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August 31, 2017

Put your photos on the map

UPDATE: This feature is no longer available on Plex.

Since we’ve advanced to the point where every episode of Black Mirror (or for those more vintage, Twilight Zone) feels hauntingly close to home, I like to reminisce about a time when I didn’t have a smartphone affixed to my hand. It used to be that any device with the ability to take photos required you to stay impossibly still for any trace of clarity. Now I can take a gratuitously dull photo, add a filter, maybe even a rainbow vomiting effect, and presto! Instant likes. After I’ve taken the shot, I can forget the moment even happened.

Which makes me wonder, how often do we look at our own photos and videos? Having a media-capturing powerhouse that fits in your pocket makes it too easy to hoard photos and videos. This is where Plex can help. With features for Photos and Videos on Plex Pass, you can store, tag, and sort your beautiful photos and videos; view them on a map AND a myriad of devices. Our beloved customers already trust us with billions (yes billions!!!) of their photos.

We recently unveiled automatic image tagging, which uses object and scene recognition, deep neural networks, and droids* to help organize your photos. Now, we’re excited to debut what we’re calling Places. This feature allows you to see the location where each photo was taken, as long as it was captured with a GPS-enabled device. Where were you when the solar eclipse happened? Places can answer that. Your photos and videos are now discoverable by location. Even better, based on what’s nearby, you’re given suggestions on related photos and albums.

But don’t worry, since your photos are locally hosted, you are in control of your most private moments, and only you can see the locations. As long as that device is iOS, Android, Android TV, Apple TV, and Plex Web app — we’re working on the rest! Local hosting also means that for those with an endless amount of photos, the sky’s the limit (or until you’re out of local storage space).

Plex Photos - Places
Plex Photos - Albums

Now one of the many reasons you love Plex is that we give your media the tender loving care that you do. Well, to that end, we’re happy to give you the ability to create beautiful, customizable Photo Albums. Want to share birthday photos and videos with your family? What about your recent trip to NYC? With all of our easy sorting features, like Places, Automatic Photo Tagging, and Timelines, you can easily curate your photos and videos into albums. Share them on your big screen, mobile device, on the web, or anywhere you use Plex. And don’t forget – all your photos can be downloaded in their glorious, and full resolution (unlike other cloud photo services).

Whether you were voluntold that you’re the family event photographer, or you’re the videographer extraordinaire, albums allow you to curate the moments you want to use to tell your photo stories. Want to check out Places and create Photo Albums? Get Plex Pass, download and install the latest PMS (1.8.1+), and refresh all metadata in your photo libraries.

Because Photos and Videos are a part of Plex, you can access them from any device that supports Plex. So after finally catching up with The Walking Dead (and feeling a pit of despair from the unrelenting bleakness of it all), you can recover with happier memories (preferably of a certain cute dog**). Right on your big screen TV, or your phone in the checkout line, or your laptop on a red-eye going home — you get it.

Plex is clearly the most advanced solution for your memories. We’ve made it fun to organize all of your photos and videos in one beautiful app across all of your devices, on top of making it easy for you to find and re-discover your memories. Give Photos and Videos on Plex a try because, whether you have a penchant for taking duckfaced-selfies or you have an eye for a carefully-framed shot, your awe-inspiring photostream belongs with the rest of your media.

*It doesn’t actually use droids or deep neural networks.

**You know it’s Barkley. It’s always Barkley.

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