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July 22, 2008

Move to Lighthouse

(The next release will be here shortly, by the way!)

We’ve decided to migrate our bug-tracking over to Lighthouse. It has some killer features, including great integration with email (file or reply to a bug over email), Github integration, tagging, an API, and great usability. Bottom line: It helps us keep track of and fix the bugs you report better than ever!

We’ve migrated all existing bugs over, and gone over them to make sure they were still active and valid. The one thing we couldn’t migrate over were the users, so we’d like to ask that if you filed bugs on Trac, come over to Lighthouse, make yourself an account (assuming you don’t already have one), add a cool-looking avatar, and “watch” your bugs. The number of people watching/commenting on bugs will definitely affect our prioritization.

When adding new bugs, please add lots of good tags to help us categorize them. We’re using version tags like @0.5.0b10 to mark when a bug was found or fixed.

For attachments, feel free to attach logs and such using Lighthouse, but for larger audio/video samples, please continue to use afp://dn-0.com/samples/Dropbox. We’ll eventually be using these samples for automated testing.

Lastly, as you’ve no doubt noticed, the forums have moved over to forums.plexapp.com. The blog will be moving over in the next week or two, and since we use Feedburner for RSS, it should be a seamless transition for those of you subscribed.


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