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July 2, 2008

Coming in the next beta: Full-screen “lite”

Among some of the cool things coming in the next beta is an (optional) different method for entering full-screen. Many of you have requested compatibility with Growl, Exposé, Spaces, Cmd+Tab, and Cmd+Ctrl+Esc. I’ve resisted doing this because, among other reasons, supposedly there is an OpenGL performance hit in windowed mode (makes sense, right, because in “real” full-screen mode the driver is free to do whatever it likes to optimize for OpenGL output). However, OpenGL is not our bottleneck, and well, the people have voted. It will be optional, of course, for those of us who prefer to watch their movies without an OS update or new mail notification blocking out gratuitous nudity.

Among the people who may appreciate this change is Erik O., who has had trouble for quite a while with vsync not working in full-screen mode (while it works fine in windowed mode).

The next beta should be wrapped in the next week. Lots of tasty bug-fixes and improvements…


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Coming in the next beta: Full-screen “lite” is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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