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April 14, 2021

One Giant Step for Plex-Kind

Hey there. Some pretty big news today, so we’ll get right to it. We just closed a significant round of funding. Same investors as before, but a much bigger commitment. A commitment to Plex, a commitment to our audacious vision, and a commitment to our community. You’ll be happy to know that our lead investor, Jason Chapnik of Intercap, comes from your ranks — he has been a passionate Plex user since 2013. Literally he was one of the early generation of customers who found Plex to solve some of the many annoyances of digital media life, and like many of you, he has come to rely on Plex as his daily driver for accessing a world of content. Like us, he also became increasingly intrigued by how Plex could help all sorts of people “master their mediaverse” — even the great many without a server, a RAID array, or a working knowledge of Python.

28 Days Later 365 Days Later…

So a bit of context on why this is such a big deal for the Plex community. A year ago, like many of you, we were genuinely concerned what the future would hold. We knew that our community was strong, but the world was just beginning a year-long tragedy that we’re still in the midst of experiencing and grieving.

One year later, we’re happy to report that Plex is still in very solid financial shape, and that this latest round of funding further ensures that the Plex Pass many of you bought will continue to provide you value long into the future — or at least until the next zombie apocalypse, and then hopefully even through that, too.

What it Means for Plex

Basically, the infusion of capital means that we’ll be able to push harder on our mission to become the single best content enjoyment platform in the world, period. We’ll be able to invest more into our engineering, product, and content teams to make sure we get the best people to solve the challenging problems that we’re tackling.

What it Means for You

First of all, our commitment to our millions of customers with personal media collections is rock solid. We can confidently say that we will continue to support, develop, and innovate even better methods to help you organize, curate, and enjoy your media collections with beautiful interfaces and dashboards that take the headache out of managing all those different formats, sources, and media types. We are stoked that we’re able to keep the media nerd flag flying, and we have some awesome ideas up our sleeves to make the Plex you know and love even more powerful, personalizable, and elegant.

Second, for the millions of customers that use Plex for all the great movies, shows, music, and other content we’re working hard to bring to you, this funding will further our mission to make Plex your one-stop shop for all the content you care about, no matter where it comes from. Built by humans for humans, Plex’s goal is to radically simplify the hunting and gathering of content with one beautiful app that allows you to experience your entire universe of movies and shows. Think of us as your content sommelier, happy to recommend the best movie or show for you and your companions for whatever occasion. And one who is also happy to get the hell out of the way when you know exactly what you want.

Most importantly, we want you to be able to trust Plex. We don’t have a separate widget business that we’re trying to push, or a parent mega-corp we’re beholden to, or a side business in selling your personal data. We’re here to serve you: the customer, the audience, and most importantly, the fan.

Building a Better Rocket Ship

We recognize that coming together and being entertained, being educated, being informed, and being moved are some of the most basic human needs. It’s what got us through the dark ages. And it’s what is going to get us through these current overwhelming times.

We want you to be a part of the journey, not in the back seat, but in the front, helping us hold the map and steering this beautiful crazy rocketship that we’ve been building together for the last decade. We won’t get everything right — that we can promise you — but we’ll always have your interests foremost in our hearts.

Thank you for jumping aboard.

Now it’s time to push the accelerator and see what this thing can do.





One Giant Step for Plex-Kind is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.


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