Privacy Policy – 2018

Effective May 23, 2018. 

Thank you for using Plex! We here at Plex care deeply about your privacy and we work hard to provide you a service you love and trust. Our Privacy Policy explains how we collect, use, and transfer your information, and how you can control the use of the information that we collect. This Privacy Policy applies to all our products and services, including Plex client apps, streaming content to the Plex client apps, our premium Plex Pass service, Plex Media Server software, Plex Cloud, and all other Plex software and services (collectively, our “Services”). Depending on your choice of how to use our Services, your personal content may be stored on your personal hardware (“Personal Local Content”) or stored in the cloud (“Personal Cloud Content”, collectively, “Personal Content”). For your Personal Content, except in the limited circumstances described below, we do not collect filenames or content titles of your Personal Local Content. We do, however, keep usage statistics to allow us to better serve you and improve our Services. We may use information about how you use our Services to run and improve our Services, to provide, customize, and personalize communications and other content that we deliver or offer to you. This is discussed in detail below.

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हमसे संपर्क करना
You can contact Plex via our Contact page. You can also browse our FAQ and support articles.

जानकारी जो हम एकत्रित करते हैं

आप हमें कुछ निश्चित जानकारी प्रदान करना चुन सकते हैं, जैसे आप कब उपयोगकर्ता प्रोफ़ाइल बनाते हैं या आप सेवाओं का उपयोग कब करते हैं. हम स्वचालित रूप से उत्पन्न की गई और तकनीकी जानकारी भी एकत्र कर सकते हैं. इसलिए, हमारे पास जो जानकारी होती है ("एकत्रित जानकारी") उसमें निम्नलिखित शामिल हो सकता है:

  1. Profile Information. You may provide us with profile information such as your e-mail address, username, a profile image, and password when you create an account, or when you edit your account information.  You may also provide us with your payment information when you sign-up for a paid service.
  2. Information from External Services. If you choose to connect your account to an account of an external service, such as a social networking site or cloud storage services, we may collect certain information from those accounts, such as your name and email address as well as data required to connect to that service. You may provide such authorization during the connection process, or it may be implicit in the service authorization itself. For example, if you choose to connect your Plex account to a social networking account, we may collect your public profile information if you agree to the collection of this information during the connection process.
  3. Metadata for Personal Content. Except for certain exceptions such as for Personal Cloud Content, Third-Party Control and Playback Mechanisms, and image analysis (i.e., metadata about photos when these features are user-enabled, such as geotag information or scene recognition analysis), as described below, we do not collect or store metadata (information about the specific file, cover art, subtitles, running length, etc.) for Personal Content stored on your personal Plex Media Server. However, your Plex Media Server may anonymously send us filenames or other identifiers for your Personal Content for the sole purpose of providing metadata back to your personal Plex Media Server. You may disable this metadata matching capability.
  4. Metadata for Personal Cloud Content. Our Plex Cloud service is used by some of our Plex Pass users. If you choose to use Plex Cloud and upload content to third-party cloud services, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc., we may collect and use information in addition to that described above in order to interact with the third-party cloud service and to host our Services on your behalf. This includes knowing and using all the metadata related to what is in your Plex Cloud database, but only to provide you with the Services. 
  5.  Metadata for Personal Content for Integration with Third-Party Control and Playback Mechanisms. We may offer integrations with Third-Party Control and Playback Mechanisms that you may choose to use, such as Sonos, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, Zapier, SmartThings, webhooks, etc. In order to provide the integrations with the Third-Party Control and Playback Mechanisms, we may collect Metadata for your Personal Content that is needed to integrate with the Third-Party Control and Playback Mechanisms. For example, if you use Amazon Alexa to play a particular song or movie from among your Personal Content at your home, then our Services may search your Personal Content in order to find and play the song or movie that you requested. Information provided by you to the Third-Party Control or Playback Mechanisms is not governed by this privacy policy. 
  6. Usage Statistics for Personal Content. We may collect usage statistics for Personal Content. This includes information about your interaction with the Services, such as device information, duration, bit rate, media formats, resolution, and media type (music, photos, videos, etc.). Where possible, we will generalize this information to avoid identifying your Personal Content.  Usage statistics do not include specific content titles or filenames. We may use information related to your usage to run and improve our Services, to provide, customize, and personalize communications and other content that we deliver or offer to you.
  7. Data Related to Third-Party Content. When you use the Services to watch, listen to, or record content from a third-party content provider or source such as any officially supported Third-Party Content that Plex streams to Plex apps, trailers and extras from IVA, the Plex Watch Later or Recommended features, or use of our Live TV and DVR service, we may collect information related to that media interaction. For example, we may collect what program or movie you are watching and when, your interaction with any static or video advertising, etc. We may also collect your device information and device location, for example, by using your IP address or by asking for your zip code. We may use this information to run and improve our Services, provide advertising and marketing to you, as well as share anonymous or aggregated versions of the data with third parties.
  8. Information about integrated Third-Party Services. We may collect information about your use of third-party services for reporting to these partners and calculating the fees that we owe them. For example, we collect (i) the number of trailers and extras viewed to IVA, and (ii) information about premium metadata consumed to Gracenote. We may also collect information about third party services and your use of those services in order to serve video content and advertisements via features that rely on third party providers. This information can include the metadata needed to serve advertising. 
  9. Information on our Services. We may store information about your configuration or use of our Services when you create a Plex Media Server on a local device or in the cloud, connect to a Plex Media Server that you or another person has configured, or download or connect to a Plex app, or interact with or use other Plex software or Service. This information may include an IP address and port number(s), the name of a Plex Media Server, and information used to secure access to our Services. 
  10. Information about Interfacing Software. “Interfacing Software” includes but is not limited to, plug-ins for the Services, channel plug-ins, metadata agents, and client applications that communicate directly or indirectly with the Services. We may store copies of Interfacing Software that you provide to Plex and that accesses or calls any software provided by Plex as part of the Services.
  11. Debugging and Other Information Voluntarily Provided. You may send us logs, metadata, or other information about your devices, media, and experiences for the purpose of resolving an issue you may have with the software or suggesting desired features. On client applications where it is possible, we will offer the ability to opt-out of sending crash reports. If you would like to learn more about the information being sent in crash reports, we encourage you to review the privacy policies for the third-party client applications you are using to access Plex Services. The information being sent to us will only be used to help resolve your issue and / or improve our Services, and using our Services and provision of such information, you agree to such use by us.
  12. Device Information. Like many online services, we may collect information about the devices that are used to access our Services, such as the IP address of the device, the operating system and version of the device, the browser that you use to access a Plex web page, and the versions of the Plex technologies being used. We may also collect location information about the devices that access our Services. 
  13. Application Information. When a request for information or content is sent to a Plex Media Server, we may collect an application identifier that identifies which application sent the request. An application identifier uniquely identifies a particular copy of an application. For example, if you download an application from Plex, fully uninstall the copy of the application, and then re-download the application from Plex, the new copy of the application will be associated with a different application identifier than the uninstalled copy of the application. Note that simply deleting the app without fully uninstalling may not reset the application identifier.
  14. Plex Relay Service. We may provide, and you may choose to use, the Plex Relay Service to connect or stream your Personal Content to another device. If you choose to use the Plex Relay Service, we will transfer the data necessary to perform the service. All such traffic is encrypted from end-to-end in a manner that makes it impossible for Plex or the Plex Relay Service to decrypt or view any data. The data transferred via the Plex Relay Service is not stored by Plex except for the temporary buffering of data required to provide you with an optimal streaming experience. You can disable the Plex Relay Service by turning off Remote Access in your server settings. 
  15. Cookies and Other Tracking Technology. Like many online services, Plex uses cookies, tracking pixels, and similar technologies to collect information that helps us provide our Services to you. We also use these technologies to help market our products and services to you and other customers. For more information about these technologies and how you may control them, please see the detailed description of Tracking Technologies. 
  16. Obtaining Consent. If there is a change to any product or feature that we offer or have offered, and in order to use that product or feature a material change to the collection and / or use of information (including for Personal Content) not contemplated by the Privacy Policy is needed, we will obtain your consent before such collection and / or use.
  17. Your Collected Information.  In order to view, amend, erase, or correct your Collected Information, contact Plex Support. All requests will be answered within one month of receipt.

अपनी जानकारी का उपयोग करना, प्रोसेसिंग करना और साझा करना

  1. Plex processes and uses Collected Information with your consent, you can withdraw your consent by updating your privacy settings or closing your account. Plex also processes Collected Information when it needs to do so to fulfill a contract with you to provide you services, in its legitimate interest to aid in developing and improving the services, or when required by law.  If you do not want to provide certain information to us in order to fulfil our agreement with you to provide the services, we may not be able to provide you the fullest version of our services.
  2. We use the Collected Information to provide you with the Services, improve the Services, enhance your user experience, and communicate with you. For example, for Third-Party Content, we use information about your interactions with the Services to track the watch state of media items that have been linked to the Services on devices that have been linked to the Services. We use this information to allow you to resume watching in the same watch state on different Plex-linked devices. 
  3. हम आपकी प्रोफ़ाइल जानकारी का उपयोग आपके खाते के बारे में संपर्क करने या नई Plex कार्यक्षमता के बारे में और कुछ Plex न्यूज़ व जानकारी का उपयोग करने के लिए करते हैं. आप अपनी खाता सेटिंग्स संपादित करके संचारों के कुछ प्रकारों को बाहर निकाल सकते हैं.
  4. If you choose to connect your Plex account to a third-party account or service to have us and /or that third party provide a particular feature or service, we will provide that external service with the information needed to have us and / or that third party perform the requested feature or service. For example, if you connect your account to a social networking site and give us permission to publish posts on your behalf, we will do so. Additionally, unless you request or allow us to publish other information, the content of the published posts will be limited to describing your interactions with the Services. As another example, if you choose to have us send (or “scrobble”) your listening history to, obtain metadata from a third party service, or use a third-party recommendation service, we use Collected Information to engage with and / or send the Collected Information to that service when you request that service. The shared information may include metadata about the media (such as title, duration, author, cover art, dates associated with the media, and other relevant information) and information about the media itself (such as resolution, bit rate, format, location, etc.). 
  5. We use Collected Information related to Personal Content when you provide consent or otherwise request us to do so, as well as when necessary to provide the services you requested. 
  6. We use Collected Information related to Third-Party Content to allow us and our partners to personalize marketing, advertising, and other content delivered or offered to you. For example, we may use or share Collected Information related to Third-Party Content that is necessary to serve video content and advertisements, including the source of the content, full information about the content including title, device identifiers, timing and location of your consumption, your user information, your IP address, etc. We also share the metadata needed to serve video or audio advertising. 
  7. हम आपके द्वारा ऑर्डर की गई किसी भी सेवा के लिए आपका भुगतान संसाधित करने के लिए अपने भुगतान प्रोसेसर सहायक के साथ भुगतान की जानकारी का उपयोग भी कर सकते हैं और साझा भी कर सकते हैं.
  8. Plex may share Collected Information as expressly set forth in this Privacy Policy, including  the following limited situations:
    1. उन तृतीय पक्षों के साथ, जो हमें आपको सेवाएं प्रदान करने में हमारी सहायता करते हैं, जैसे भुगतान प्रक्रियाएं, व्यापार और एनालिटिक्स प्रदाता, सामग्री प्रदाता, विक्रेता और cloud सेवा प्रदाता, लेकिन हमें अपने तृतीय पक्षों से अपेक्षा होती है कि आपकी जानकारी का उपयोग केवल उन सेवाओं के अनुरोध करने के लिए और इस गोपनीयता नीति के अनुसार करें.
    2. अगर हम मानते हैं कि प्रकटीकरण उचित रूप से आवश्यक है (ए) लागू कानून, विनियमन, कानूनी प्रक्रिया या लागू करने योग्य सरकारी अनुरोध को पूरा करने; या (बी) Plex, जनता या किसी व्यक्ति की सुरक्षा, अधिकार, या संपत्ति की रक्षा या बचाव करने के लिए.
    3. विलय, अधिग्रहण, दिवालिया होने, विघटन, पुनर्गठन या इसी तरह के लेनदेन या Plex से जुड़ी अन्य कार्रवाई के संबंध में जिसमें जानकारी का हस्तांतरण शामिल होता है या आवश्यकता होता है.
    4. If your information is a part of a set of non-private, aggregated, anonymized, or otherwise non-personal information, such as anonymized and / or aggregated usage statistics and viewing trends.
    5. With third parties to improve and deliver advertising to you on our behalf. 
    6. यदि आप हमसे तृतीय पक्ष के साथ एकत्रित जानकारी के साझाकरण का अनुरोध करते हैं या सहमति देते हैं.
  9. हम आपको सामग्री की अनुशंसा करने के लिए एकत्रित जानकारी के लिए स्वचालित निर्णय लेने को लागू कर सकते हैं, जो हमें लगता है कि आपको रुचि हो सकती है.
  10. हम आपकी व्यक्तिगत स्थानीय सामग्री के बारे में एकत्रित जानकारी को तृतीय-पक्ष के उपयोग या बेचने के लिए साझा नहीं करेंगे.

आपकी जानकारी का संरक्षण

  1. In order to help keep your media secure, we partner with DigiCert to provide publicly trusted TLS certificates for end-to-end encrypted connections among all of our servers, Services, and client applications. For more information, please हमारे सपोर्ट आर्टिकल को देखें on the topic.
  2. We have put in place commercially reasonable physical, electronic, and organizational procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect. For example, password information is stored on our servers and is protected using hashing and encryption technologies.
  3. We do not store any of your payment or credit card information on our servers. The data is encrypted and securely stored by an independent company, Braintree, which provides payment-processing services for Plex. Please review the Braintree security policy for more information.

आपकी जानकारी और तृतीय-पक्ष उत्पाद और सेवाओं की शर्तें

  1. Plex आपको उनकी पेशकश कर सकता है और आप हमारी सेवाओं से संबंधित तृतीय पक्ष के उन उत्पादों या सेवाओं का उपयोग करना चुन सकते हैं, जिनमें तृतीय-पक्ष वेबसाइट, उत्पादों, सेवाओं या अन्य प्रौद्योगिकियों के लिंक शामिल होते हैं या अन्यथा उनके साथ इंटरफ़ेस करती हैं. ऐसी कोई भी तृतीय-पक्ष प्रौद्योगिकी आपकी जानकारी एकत्र कर सकती है या आपसे जानकारी एकत्र करने वाली अन्य सेवाओं या तकनीकों का उपयोग कर सकती है. इन तृतीय पक्ष तकनीकों द्वारा जानकारी का एकत्रीकरण उन तृतीय-पक्ष प्रौद्योगिकियों की गोपनीयता प्रक्रियाओं द्वारा अभिशासित होता है. Plex ऐसी तृतीय-पक्ष प्रौद्योगिकियों द्वारा जानकारी के एकत्रीकरण पर नियंत्रण नहीं रखता और उसके प्रति उत्तरदायी नहीं है.


  1. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of 13.  If we learn that we have collected the personal information of a child under the age of 13, we will take steps to delete the information as soon as possible.

गोपनीयता नीति परिवर्तन

इस गोपनीयता नीति को समय-समय पर अपडेट किया जा सकता है. हम आपको हमारी गोपनीयता नीति में किसी भी बदलाव के बारे में Plex वेबसाइट पर नई गोपनीयता नीति पोस्ट करके सूचना देंगे. आपको सुझाव दिया जाता है कि किसी भी बदलाव के लिए आप इस गोपनीयता नीति को नियमित रूप से देखें.

अंतर्राष्ट्रीय स्थानांतरण

If you use our services outside of the United States, we may transfer information from that jurisdiction to the United States, where data protection regulations may not offer the same level of protection as in other parts of the world, such as the European Union.  If you use our services in the European Union we will transfer data to the United States subject to standard contractual clauses. 

आपकी जानकारी को नियंत्रित करना

जहां निम्नलिखित तरीकों से लागू हो, वहां आप एक्सेस करने, सही करने, मिटाने, प्रोसेसिंग पर आपत्ति करने, और डेटा पोर्टेबिलिटी का अनुरोध करने के अपने अधिकारों का उपयोग कर सकते हैं:

  1. Plex वेबसाइट के सेटिंग्स पेज को एक्सेस करके अपनी प्रोफ़ाइल जानकारी बदलना.
  2. सामाजिक नेटवर्किंग वेबसाइट जैसे किसी बाहरी साइट के किसी अन्य खाते से अपने खाते को लिंक या अनलिंक करना.
  3. अपना खाता हटाना. आप सेटिंग्स पृष्ठ में अपना खाता हटाने के विकल्प का चयन करके अपना खाता हटा सकते हैं. अनुरोध प्राप्त करने के बाद हम आपकी जानकारी को अनुचित देरी के बिना हटा देंगे, सिवाय इसके कि हम कानून द्वारा आवश्यकतानुसार आपकी जानकारी की संगृहीत प्रतियाँ बरकरार रख सकते हैं.
  4. Contacting Plex support here


Plex retains personal information you provide to create your account for as long as you maintain an account with us.  Personal information used to provide the services to you will be kept long enough to provide you with the service, including in archives and logs used to maintain and develop the service.  Specifically, we delete data used for logging and error tracking after 90 days, we reset cookies on our website after 14 days. We also delete other personal data used to provide the Plex Solution or to communicate with you within 30 days after your account is deleted.  We may retain some usage statistics (including IP addresses) for as long as we have a business purpose in order to improve Plex’s services, but these statistics are no longer linked to the deleted account.

ऑप्ट-आउट विकल्प सहित आपकी पसंद

You have the following choices regarding how we and third parties use certain information collected from or about you. We are committed to complying with the Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and the DAA Application of Self-Regulatory Principles for the Mobile Environment.

  1. Opt-Out from Promotional Communications. 
    1. आप अपने खाते को एक्सेस करके, Plex वेबसाइट पर सेटिंग्स का चयन करके और न्यूज़लेटर अनुभाग में "सदस्यता समाप्त करें" पर क्लिक करके मार्केटिंग न्यूज़लेटर प्राप्त करने से ऑप्ट आउट कर सकते हैं. आप किसी विशेष प्रचार संचार में "सदस्यता समाप्त करें" लिंक पर क्लिक करके कुछ प्रचारक संचारों का भी चयन कर सकते हैं. कृपया ध्यान दें कि आप हमारे खाते के नियम और शर्तों के संबंध में प्रशासनिक संदेश, सेवा घोषणाएँस और संदेश सहित हमारे सभी संचार प्राप्त करने से ऑप्ट आउट नहीं कर सकते.
    2. आप अपने डिवाइस पर Plex से पुश सूचनाएँ प्राप्त करना चुन सकते हैं. यदि आप पुश सूचनाएँ प्राप्त नहीं करना चाहते हैं, तो आप उन्हें बंद करने के लिए अपने डिवाइस की सेटिंग्स का उपयोग कर सकते हैं.
  2. Opt-Out Options Page.  Please visit the Opt-Out Options page to understand the options available to you regarding Third-Party Online Behavioral or Interest-Based Advertising and any specific third-party advertising companies’ opt out information.
  3. Options for Sharing What You Watch.  We may ask for your consent to have Plex share your third-party media consumption information together with your personal information with our content programmers, service providers, and other third parties. If we have asked for your consent, we will provide you with a way to view or change your consent preference by updating your account settings.
  4. Opt-Out of Playback Statistics.  You may choose to opt-out of sharing the playback statistics for Personal Local Content that you store on your personal Plex Media Server by updating your Privacy Preferences.
  5. Opt-Out for Digital Advertising. Plex may also use third-party advertising companies to serve ads, which may, directly or indirectly, collect or use information about user visits to websites and mobile app usage over time and across non-affiliated websites and mobile apps to display advertisements more tailored to users’ interests on this browser or device, and those browsers or devices associated with it. A user can visit and/or download the appropriate version the AppChoices app at if a user wishes to learn more about this practice or would like to know more about his/her choices regarding that activity by companies participating in those choice tools. Please visit the Opt-Out Options for Third-Party Advertising page for any specific third party advertising companies’ opt-out information.
  6. Withdraw Consent.  You can withdraw your consent to our processing of personal information by updating your privacy settings, or closing your account. 

Plex और इसके सहयोगी

यह गोपनीयता पॉलिसी स्विस कंपनी Plex GmbH और इसकी सहयोगी Plex, Inc., Delaware कंपनी (एक साथ “Plex”) सहित प्रदान की गई सेवाओं को नियंत्रित करती है.
Plex GmbH, Hansmatt 32, 6370 स्टैन, निडवाल्डेन, स्विट्ज़रलैंड
Plex Inc, 449 N सांता क्रूज़ ऐव, लॉस गैटोस, CA 95030

Plex के डेटा संरक्षण अधिकारी

Plex’s Data Protection Officer can be contacted at [email protected].


You may contact us with questions and comments regarding this policy via our Contact page.  You can also contact your local data protection authority with any complaints about Plex’s data collection or processing activity.

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Plex Pass आपको शानदार नई सुविधाओं और ऐप्स तक विशेष पहुंच प्रदान करता है.

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