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The Plex Pro Installer Program is for home entertainment professionals who wish to add Plex installation and configuration to their playbook, allowing them to sell and install Plex and provide their customers a complete home video, movie, tv, music, and photo streaming solution.

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What's included

The Plex Pro Installer program includes the newly created Plex Pass Pro. Plex Pass Pro is a lifetime Plex Pass license that includes installation and support offered by you, our installer partner.

Authorized Plex Installers will be supported by a dedicated Plex team in the Plex Pro Installer forums.

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We've answered some of your most frequently asked questions. If you are ready to go, dive on in!

How can I participate in the Plex Pro Installer Program?

Joining the Plex Pro Installer program is easy. Simply complete the Installer questionnaire, agree to provide a positive Plex Customer installation experience and pay a $99.99 USD Annual Program Fee.

What are the benefits of the Plex Pro Installer Program?

Many installers have requested an authorized way of providing and installing Plex for their customers. With Plex Pass Pro you have a valid method of selling Plex and charging for your time to setup Plex for your customers. Advanced support from the Plex Pro Installer Team is only available for installers who are part of this program.

The Plex Pass Pro end user license is only $299.99 USD. Can I charge more?

The Plex Pass Pro fee was based on an average installation time of 1 hour. If you are asked to do more than setup a Plex server and configure a few clients you can charge more for your time. It’s up to you.

How do I get paid for Plex Pass Pro if my client buys it on their own?

Only authorized Plex Installers will be able to purchase a Plex Pass Pro license. When purchasing, you will be registering the license in the name of your client.

Plex Pro Installer Application

Please complete the entire form. It’s important that we have this information to ensure a seamless Plex installation experience for your customers.

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Signing up to become a Plex Pro installer requires you to be an existing Plex user. Please sign up or sign in to start your application.