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January 23, 2008

Release 0.0.4: Yummy!

Lots of good stuff in this release:

  • Video thumbnails are auto-generated for stacked files.
  • More OpenGL fixes for GMA950, it **might** work on Mac Mini and Mac Book now. If it doesn’t please paste a stack trace.
  • Optimized, assembly-enabled version of ffmpeg now statically linked in, which means huge performance improvements.
  • Subtitles appear to work for me better (although still haven’t fixed the assert).
  • Fixed a few multi-threaded crashes, it played a Planet Earth last night the whole way without a single crash.

You can see in the picture that I dropped some frames, but this is the super-high bitrate 1080p version of Planet Earth that brings a grown computer to tears.

Have a try with this new release and let me know how it works. Please be sure to include the model of Mac you’re using, and especially what video hardware you have.

Oh, and reports of success with AC3/DTS passthrough would make my day.


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