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September 6, 2017

Live TV for Amazon Fire TV & Web

If you were thinking about ditching your cable service (or already have), you’ll notice there isn’t one place for everything — you have to switch apps for Live TV and DVR, streaming services, and your own media. Keeping up with your favorite shows could easily become a chore. How are you supposed to make small-talk when you’re not caught up with the latest episode of The Bachelor in Paradise?

With sportsball season just around the corner, and the news being stranger than fiction, it makes sense to want an all-in-one media solution that allows you to watch Live TV and also DVR what you want. You can have it all with Plex Live TV and DVR now available on Amazon Fire TV along with support for Live TV on Plex for Web (already featuring DVR!).

Plex pour Amazon Fire TV

Plex Web

We’re thrilled to add Live TV and DVR to the list of features available on Plex for Amazon Fire TV, and we’re not the only ones:

“We’re excited to welcome Plex Live TV and DVR services to Amazon Fire TV,” said Jennifer Prenner, Global Head of Marketing, Amazon Fire TV. “Our goal at Amazon is to make Fire TV the best place for customers to find and watch the content they love. Adding Plex Live TV and DVR gives our customers another great way to access even more content, and is an experience that gives them easy control over their home entertainment.

Even better, we’ve made it easier to browse your media and record your shows with a more elegant interface. Amazon Fire TV is powerful enough to run the new and improved Plex Android TV interface. See for yourself!

Whether you want to fast-forward to that game-winning goal, or rewind because you couldn’t hear over the sound of yourself crunching on snacks, DVR makes it easy for you to enjoy TV whenever it’s convenient for you. With Plex Pass, you can watch Live TV and DVR your favorites – all on your Amazon Fire TV or from a browser with Plex Web, NVIDIA Shield, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, AND Android Mobile.

Speaking of loud snacking…

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Le Plex Pass vous offre un accès exclusif à de nouvelles fonctionnalités et applications que vous allez adorer.

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Le meilleur de Plex

Live TV for Amazon Fire TV & Web is a premium feature and requires a Plex Pass subscription.

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Plex Media Server

Plex Media Server is the software that allows you to stream your content to all of your devices, anywhere.

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