News on Plex

We have partnered with the most reputable and trustworthy news sources around the world to give you a balanced and customized news experience. Stay informed on all your devices, anywhere, anytime.

Plex News keeps you informed

Plex News provides you a balance of local, national, and international news from a wide variety of reliable sources. You get to personalize what’s in your feed based on category, source, and location. With an easy and intuitive setup, you’ll be watching content in no time from sources like AP, IGN, Reuters, Euronews, Financial Times, and over 100 local channels!

Personalize your news

Plex News lets you choose from over 190 trusted news providers (and growing!), including local channels in over 80% of U.S. markets, so you can keep you up-to-date within your area and around the globe. So, whatever your interests are, you can watch news that suits your lifestyle: whether you’re at home getting ready for work, commuting on a train, or traveling the world—wherever you are, your news is on all of your devices with Plex.

Your news on all of your devices

Plex News gives you a consistent experience on every screen — watch your morning headlines on the TV then continue catching up on your phone during your commute. This feature is currently available on Android TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Plex Web, Android Mobile, and iOS, with other platforms to follow. Plex News is ad-supported, which means that it comes at no additional cost to you, allowing everyone to enjoy high quality news content.

Ready to start enjoying Plex News?

All you need to start using Plex News is a free Plex account. It’s simple and quick to set up