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June 8, 2008

Release 0.5.0b6: The “Jeremy” release

OK, lots of good stuff. Nine people have forked the code on GitHub and started playing with it. We have some exciting things on the way. The forums are hopping, over 220 people have registered since they opened, and we just passed the thousand post mark. Enormous thanks to our moderating team, especially bmfrosty, ChoccyHobNob, phunkysai, and our very own iordonez. Really nice work making people feel welcome.

This release (HTTP, torrent, source) is named after jeremymc7 since he gets the honor of having two Trac issues closed out.

  • NEW: Support for EAC3 audio. In theory, at least. I have to admit to not having any EAC3 content laying around, but I assume the guy who wrote the code for ffmpeg *did*. Thanks to Martin for pointing me to the patch. Also added .m2t/.m2ts to the list of recognized extensions.
  • NEW : Support for Smart Folders. Pretty cool, actually.
  • FIX: DVD playing over SMB (and other VFS protocols). I know I’ve lied repeatedly in the past about this working, but this time I’ve made sure of it. I hope. To be completely honest, I only tested VIDEO_TS folders and not .iso files.
  • FIX: XBMSP support. I’ve also misled you about this one in the past, but this time I actually verified that it works. This combined with iTunesFS is now officially my favorite way of getting my iTunes libraries playing remotely.
  • FIX: User’s skin folder wasn’t being created.
  • FIX: Profiles are saved and loaded correctly now, to the Application Support area.
  • FIX : Scraper/IMDB/filesystem bugs that prevented files named “Broken (2006/I).mkv” from looking up correctly.
  • NEW: I have news for you. Those cache settings that you’ve been tweaking to get just perfect, don’t actually do anything. Pure placebo effect. Well, until today, at least. They’re now hooked up and actually work. Superpea will dig this.

I also updated to the latest linux XBMC and ffmpeg code. Some notable changes there:

  • Allow opening .nrg images for DVD [wiso]
  • Large 15MB memory leak after every song played [charleydoes]
  • Python unicode string handling fixed [vulkanr]
  • Some fixes to OpenGL renderer [elupus]
  • Fix to framedropping for libmpeg2 [elupus]
  • AC3/DTS resync fixes [elupus]

Areas to test:

  • Cache settings.
  • AC3 passthrough.
  • IMDB.
  • DVD playing over SMB.
  • EAC3.

We have an avocado tree next door, and if Barkley finds a ripe one on the way home from a walk, he carries it over to the yard, and the only thing left within ten minutes is a pile of avocado peel and a happy pup.


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