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Plex for TiVo

Stream all of your music, movies, TV shows, photos, and home videos to your big screen through your TiVo, for a beautifully simple streaming experience.

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Small screen to big screen

Fling content from a Plex app on your mobile device to your TiVo and enjoy watching movies and shows on the big screen.

Watch movies and TV shows with Plex on your TiVo

Easy viewing

Plex shows recently added content front and center on your TiVo homescreen, helping you choose what to watch next. You can also pick up where you left off or play the next episode of your favorite show with ease.

Easily access your Media on TiVo with Plex

What's included

Our TiVo app gives you a sleek and beautiful way to enjoy all of the great features Plex has to offer.

Feature Free Premium

Supported Devices

Below is a list of TiVo devices that run Plex. For more details, please visit our support articles.

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Ready to start streaming?

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    Sign up & download

    Sign up for your free account and download the Plex Media Server software, the central brain that organizes all of your media.

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    Add your media

    Plex recognizes just about
    any kind of video, music, or photo format and displays all of your content in an easy-to-navigate interface.

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    Stream to your favorite devices

    Install Plex apps on any of your devices so you can enjoy your beautifully organized media wherever you are.

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