Plex for Sonos

With Plex for Sonos you can now browse and play your entire Plex music collection on any Sonos device, right from the Sonos app.

Constantly connected

Plex can connect to any Sonos system wirelessly, no matter where it is. You always have access to every one of your songs, playlists, and music libraries with Plex.

Listen to your music collection on any Sonos system with Plex

Sweet, sweet sound

Enjoy the best of your music on Sonos’ superior quality listening system, which gives you warm, full-bodied sound that’s crystal clear at any volume. Control your experience with any smartphone, tablet, or computer as a remote.

Ahead of the game

Be one of the first to give it a go! Plex will be in beta to start, available in the Sonos Labs section. For a walk-thru on setting it up, click here.

Qué incluye

Our Sonos app gives you a sleek and beautiful way to enjoy all of the great features Plex has to offer.

Función Gratis Premium
  • Registrarse y descargar

    Regístrate para obtener tu cuenta gratuita y descargar el software de Plex Media Server, el centro de control donde se organiza todo tu contenido.

  • Añade tu contenido multimedia

    Plex reconoce prácticamente
    cualquier formato de vídeo, música o foto y muestra todo el contenido a través de una interfaz sencilla.

  • Transmite tu contenido a tus dispositivos favoritos

    Instala las aplicaciones de Plex en tus dispositivos y disfruta de tu contenido, organizado de una forma preciosa, desde cualquier lugar.