Plex for Amazon Alexa

Get rid of all those remotes! With Alexa, all you need to access your movie, TV show, and music collections on Plex is the sound of your voice.

See how it works

Curious what Plex and Alexa can do together? Check out this video.

Your smartest home

With Plex and Alexa, your home gets even smarter. Now you can run your home theater or play your favorite shows, simply by talking. By controlling your media libraries with your voice through Alexa, you are one step closer to full home integration! For the home of the future, Plex is the perfect solution.

Talk to me, Alexa

What kinds of things can you ask Alexa to help with? There are all sorts of activities she can control, and even some cheeky surprises if you request certain things. Just enable the skill, connect your account, and you’re ready to go. Here are just a few examples.*

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Officially Supported Plex Apps

Supported Alexa Devices

Below is a list of some of the most popular Alexa devices that currently support the Plex skill.
*The skill is only available in the US and UK Amazon Skill Stores at this time.

  • Registrarse y descargar

    Regístrate para obtener tu cuenta gratuita y descargar el software de Plex Media Server, el centro de control donde se organiza todo tu contenido.

  • Añade tu contenido multimedia

    Plex reconoce prácticamente
    cualquier formato de vídeo, música o foto y muestra todo el contenido a través de una interfaz sencilla.

  • Transmite tu contenido a tus dispositivos favoritos

    Instala las aplicaciones de Plex en tus dispositivos y disfruta de tu contenido, organizado de una forma preciosa, desde cualquier lugar.